New Vs used Ryan Lawnaire V aerator

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Plugnalawn, Feb 14, 2012.

  1. Plugnalawn

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    Hello eveyone, first off thanks so much for all the help eveyone has listed. It has been GREAT infofor us Newbies. I am just starting a lawn aeration business this spring in New York state. I am looking at purchasing a used RYAN Lawnaire V Plus for $1900
    vs a new unit for $2800. I was told the used unit has around 20 hours on it. What should I check before buying a used unit or should I just pay the extra? Thanks so much for all the help, Plugnalawn.
  2. Jason Rose

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    20 hours on an aerator is hardly "used". That's a pretty good deal I think, and a good starter aerator, assuming you are pretty tough! The V will wear you out fast, it's a heavy beast to maneuver and not very friendly in small areas.

    The IV is easier to use, but still will beat you up pretty bad. Again, decent to start with though.

    As money starts coming in I'd advise looking at some of the newer technology out there, dual hydro machines that operate more like a walk behind mower. (Exmarks new ones, which were Lawn Solutions) or Turfco models like the Turn-Air or their dual hydro model. Any of these will allow you to get more done per day and still be able to produce the following day at the same rate.
  3. DA Quality Lawn & YS

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    Not a bad price if in good shape.

    But yes, the newer hydro models are easier to use. Esp the dual hydro ride on and WB (if Toro ever gets them out).
  4. Hojo15

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    Twenty hours is brand new in my book. How new is the old unit? (ie. year made) The newest models suck compared the way Ryan used to make them. If you can find a pre 2003 model jump on it. The newest ones are only single chain drives which seem to always pull to the right and the chain loves to come off when used on bumpy ground. I've aerated yards for 23 years, 12 hours/day 5 months of the year and used many machines. Used IV, V and LA 28, (in fact one of the first ever made as my boss helped design it), best machine in a rotary plugger that I've used but still has disadvantages from a lawnaire V. Also bluebird, plugger, ariens, john deer. Would never buy a Lawnaire IV as it is too light of a machine and tips too easily on side hills, plus too narrow. Ours sat most of the time, never being used for years at a time. With a 6.5 hp engine on a V you can cover 22,000 sq.ft. per hour which is flying. and it handles like a cadillac. Don't be scared by someone telling you that it is hard to use or beats you up because that just isn't true. If it beats you up, you shouldn't be in the business. It's a workout for the first day or so but after that it's like any other job. You get used to it. Also the taller you are, the easier it seems to be because of leverage on the machine. I'm not a big guy but I am tall and have never had a problem with being sore after running one.
    Personally I run a 1992 Lawnaire V with a Honda engine that has a wider grip handle than they make now, another con about the new ones.
    If you grease the machine regularly, check oil levels, change spark plugs religiously, do routine maintenance, drain the water in the drum for winter and keep the front elevated, keep the drum off the ground when full or empty so it doesn't flatten out, your machine will last a long time.
  5. teye69

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    I have a Ryan Lawnaire V and is like new bought it used for $1750.00 last fall.
    It does not leave plugs. The unit makes nice clean holes about 3 inches deep but no
    plugs. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what I might do to correct this issue? Thanks in advance

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