New vs. Used Tub grinder

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by KevinUb, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. KevinUb

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    Hey everyone,

    I have recently been thinking about getting into the grinding business and am looking to buy a tub grinder, or maybe a horizontal grinder.

    I have done a bit of research online and have some experience seeing a tub grinder being used in my area but am unsure whether to get a new or used one . I am not too worried about which brand yet, just new or used.

    If anyone has some suggestions or personal experience with grinders any comments would be appreciated, thanks!

  2. DirtMerchant

    DirtMerchant LawnSite Senior Member
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    If you can afford a horizontal you'd be crazy to buy a tub
  3. DirtMerchant

    DirtMerchant LawnSite Senior Member
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    And if you're anyway near florida i know a great deal on one!
  4. 2004F550

    2004F550 LawnSite Senior Member
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    Like anything else that destroys (rock crushers, hammers, chippers) they can be worn out very quickly and the maintenance bill can go up fast if the PM is not kept up with. Just make sure you check everything over very well if you look into used.
  5. cfrseque

    cfrseque LawnSite Member
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    Used grinders can be a maintenance nightmare and they don't give parts away. Maintenance is key to keep a grinder operating, along with a operator that knows their machine and listens to it.
  6. 7.3 Rocket

    7.3 Rocket LawnSite Member
    from CT
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    If you cannot spin wrenches yourself to a pretty extensive degree don't even think about buying a grinder.

    I operate a Morbark 1200 tub grinder for my father. Before it we had an off-brand tub grinder and before that an off-brand horizontal grinder.

    The horizontal grinder couldn't keep up to the off-brand tub and both of the other grinders couldn't keep up to the Morbark.

    They are a LOT of work. You are constantly finding the weakest link. Plan on owning a service truck along with your grinder. You will want the compressor on it for working with cutters, the crane for when you inevitably need to replace the clutch, and something always needs welding on a grinder. We figure on 1 hour of downtime minimum per 8 hour day.

    All that being said earlier this week I was in the loader removing chips from the discharge end as another loader fed the machine and I was removing around 90 yards an hour (timed my round trip did number of trips per hour multiplied by bucket capacity) and I wasn't keeping up to the volume of material coming out of the machine.

    We're still on a learning curve as we've had this particular grinder just under a year but so far we've gotten a lot of wood put through it very quickly except for when it's broken down.

    This is ours the day it came in last summer.

    As far as new vs used: If you can find a used grinder that looks to be in ok shape then buy it. I personally can't see justifying a half million dollar grinder. Remember that factory parts are easily replaced. When you're looking at used grinders look for parts that don't look factory. It's hard to repair things when you can't figure out how things are supposed to go together due to someone's previous redneck engineering.
  7. Kepple Services

    Kepple Services LawnSite Senior Member
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    We are currently looking for a horizontal grinder ourselves. We just demo'd a Peterson 2710C with a C32 in it, as well as a Morbark 6600 woodhog also with a C32 in it.. Both where nice. Dirt, what grinder do you know thats for sale down here?
  8. DirtMerchant

    DirtMerchant LawnSite Senior Member
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    All the mobark products have been pretty decent over the years, their small tub was pretty solid.
  9. lawnboyblake

    lawnboyblake LawnSite Member
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    A friend of mine has a Morbark 6600 that he is looking to get rid of. I've ran it myself a few times, those things sure eat up trees in a hurry. I'm not too sure what he wants for it, but give me a call and I can get you setup with him. Thanks


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