New w/b


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Lakeland Florida
Ok I am pretty new to the business, I have been working part time for about 6 months. I currently used a 48" bunton w/b it’s a belt drive and is about 8 years old. I have decided to get a 36" w/b I really like the exmark hydro but am not sure which direction to go any advice would be appritiated.
btw I found a 6 month old barely used 36" metro for 2grand I know its a belt drive but is this a good deal?


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I have heard of guys getting the metro for 1995 new. I would go with the viking if I were to spend the money on a 36 or a toro fixed deck. a viking is I think around 3500 or so new.


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from what i hear, the hydro is the way to go. but for some of us a belt is the only thing in the budget. just go with what your budget allows and goodluck with everything.


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ne oh stark co
go with your budget and stay within limits. Belts will work but hydros are nice. Once you have hydro you never go back.Our looking for a smaller deck or just good deal????