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New walk behind suggestions.


LawnSite Member
Carmel, NY
In the market for a new walkbehind. Its time to replace my 1995 Scag 48" belt drive. I am looking at 3 different models. Let me know what you guys think about them.

Scag 48" w/ 16hp KAI - $3,200
eXmark 48" w/ 15hp KAI and ECS - $2,850
Ferris 46" w/ 15hp kawi - $3,100

So far I like the exmark. I'm kind of limited to those models since I want to get what dealers have in my area for ease of obtaining parts.

J&R Landscaping

LawnSite Fanatic
Bensalem, PA
I'd say, stick with one of the brands you have as long as the dealer support is good.

Lynch Landscaping

LawnSite Member
Hamden CT
Go with the Exmark, you won't regret it.