New Walker EFI Video Published

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  1. Michael J. Donovan

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    New Walker EFI Video Published​

    Walker Manufacturing Company has released a new video showing the benefits of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) technology in commercial riding mowers versus carbureted engines and alternative fuel options. The video takes a close look at the benefits of small engine EFI versus carbureted engines and shows real data on fuel savings as high as 30 percent. It also compares EFI technology to the carbon footprint of carbureted propane engines.

    Walker Manufacturing has been using Kohler EFI engines in their products since 1998 and is celebrating their 15th year of productions as a pioneer of this innovative technology. Four EFI engine options are available in the Walker line, and in 2012, 40% of Walker product left the factory equipped with EFI engines.

    The video can be viewed at
  2. Armsden&Son

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    This is why I will always roll Walk-Dog!!!!!!
  3. Blade Runners

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    The closed-loop EFI system Kohler uses is the only way to go IMO. The most efficient system there is.
  4. weeze

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    efi is awesome. it makes the engine run much smoother and more efficeint.

    the only drawbacks are you have to replace the fuel filter alot more often and you can't jump them off if the battery goes dead since it will mess up the computer system. i'm not sure how much those fuel filters cost for the efi models. they say to replace them every 200hrs. i guess you could wait and do it every 250hrs and be ok. you can go 1000hrs on a carb engine before it needs to be replaced. i bet the amount of gas you save is spent on fuel fitlers so there's not much difference. :laugh:
  5. Armsden&Son

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    Weeze! I learned that the hard way after letting the gas tank run out! Hahaha... hey, I forget what post I asked you but what is your favorite Weeztown Song?
  6. weeze

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    "in the garage"

    what happens when efi runs out of gas? i heard it's not good.
  7. Armsden&Son

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    Now, here is my disclaimer.... I am not a mechanic, not even close. The most I do with my Walkers are oil changes, blade sharpening, switching out belts, gear oil,... that type of stuff... So, not sure what happens exactly when you run out but when it happened to me, nothing would work! Out of gas? Out of luck..... Got nothing at all... no juice from battery.. no nothing.. The mechanic at the dealer explained to me what happened but I forget because it was so long ago... Secondly, "in the garage" is AWESOME!!! I am originally from Boston and when I was in highs school, probably around 1998.. I saw the Rivers Cuomo band play at TT the bears and The Middle East(two boston rock clubs) and it was awesome! I am a musician myself(bass guitar, 6 string, percussion) and have always had such a huge respect for weezer and Cuomo in particular...

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