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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by wacky zachy, Feb 12, 2009.

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    i just got thru installing a new motor in my walker and i am just curious what would you guys recommend that i put in a brand new kohler 25hp commander V motor for oil? and there after
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    I would run the OEM proprietary oil for 25hours then drop it for a good synthetic oil. Of course I use & recommend AMSOIL:) if you don't like AMSOIL I would then recommend Valvoline synthetic or dino oils. Also I drop my air cooled engine oil when I get them to the shop, some folks believe in "old school" break-in periods. To be safe I recommend waiting 25hours; which is below Kohler's recommendations. My argument against Kohler recommendations on oil or oil change intervals, is I have in the past followed their oil change intervals, and used their oils only to blow engines. Once I switched to AMSOIL , and followed my own oil change intervals ZERO engine failures to date with Kohler.
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  3. Jason Rose

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    For the first 50 to 100 hours, stick with a high quality conventional oil. Kohler 10w30 would be ideal.
    After 50 to 100 hours feel free to switch to synthetic. Amsoil is a great choice, they have oil specifically for air cooled engines.

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