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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by nosparkplugs, Mar 5, 2007.

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    Just purchased a new Walker Mower MT20 42" GHS 9.5 bushel hopper with low profile tires 0.7hrs. Sold a 2004 Scag Tiger Cub 48" velocity mulching deck with Gator Hi-Lift blades 298hrs. The Scag Tiger Cub is a excellent mulching mower, however thats all its capable of doing, I know that mulching recycles clippings back into the turf as fertilizer, but fact is our customers have their yards sprayed, and request bagging, the mulching deck was great for our large commercial accounts, but the 48" deck just cannot squeeze through some of my customers gates the Walker 42" GHS does it with ease and speeds up clean-up that we would have to bush mow or use the 36" walk-behind. Also the argument of the Walker at 6.5mph being slow is just not the case, real world mowing at 10.5mph (what the Scag did) required a kidney belt and mouthguard you just cannot sustain 10.5mph of long periods anyway with a quality cut. So the Walker for my application was perfect with 10 decks to choose up to 62" with the MT20, 74" with the MTL31hp LC Kohler, MD 20.4 3 cylinder LC Kubota diesel, or the MT26EFI, plus many optional attachments this mower replaces one employee, and is two mowers for the price of a second deck. I am going to order the 56"sd, mulching deck here before our season starts. Also as soon as the capital becomes available I will purchase the MD(diesel) to run the 74"SD 4 blade deck. The MT20 has plenty of Horsepower, just would not be able to handle to high temps here in Memphis running the 74"SD deck.

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