New Walker sweep-vac attachment?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by RMDoyon, Feb 25, 2002.

  1. RMDoyon

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    I walked into my Walker/Echo/Sthil dealer today looking to buy an Echo Shred-Vac to pick up cigarette butts at a new commercial account.

    One of the tech pipes up "how much pavement do you have to do?" I tell him about 1.5 acres".
    He says "you'll never get all that with the Echo" I say "I know, I'm just gonna use this for the nooks and crannys". He says "you know Walker has a new sweeper-vac attachment? We just saw it at Walker school at the distributor last week."

    I say "how much? and how's it work"?

    They had no hard data but here's what they told me based on what they saw:
    It is a standalone unit that replaces the front deck.
    I works like a miniature street-sweeper with a reel-style brush on the front and a flip-up rotary-style brush on the side.

    Large, heavy items and rocks are deposited into a reel mower-style catcher in the front and the rest is blown via auxilliary fan into the GHS hopper which is fitted with a special reuseable vacuum filter bag insert to keep dust down and ease unloading.

    All this is powered not buy the PTO but off of a pulley bolted to a drive wheel somehow. I imagine this is because use of the PTO would spin the impeller (not good when who knows what is getting sucked up).

    They called the distributor and it turns out it was either an early production unit or a prototype and had no additional data.
    But they are looking into it.

    Anyone have any info on this?

  2. captdevo

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    they are kicking it around.

    i will post a picture of it.

    also, they are looking at a chipper/shredder for the Walker too.
    sorry no pics of it though.

  3. southside

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    The sweeper is a bit of a non event. If you want to turn right the
    sweeper doesn't work at all. Saw it in the flesh at my local dealer.
    Looks like a major pain to fit/remove. Not so good for tight areas
    where you have to move slowly as it works off the ground speed.

    I have also seem the chipper,it is supposed to take around 4"
    branches. Looks pretty robust.

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