new walker walkbehind

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BerksLawn, Feb 11, 2001.

  1. BerksLawn

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  2. nlminc

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    I was told at New England Grows that they would be ready in the fall of this year.
    Anyone have an idea how much they are going to sell for?

  3. JLC

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    Has anyone heard anymore about this mower or has the project been scraped? Also I heard that Walker has been working on a 54 ghs deck, any comments? Just wondering.

  4. captdevo

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    I was recently at our annual Walker service school. The Walker -walker- was brought up and the company rep stated they are still working out the bugs. It is just not a Walker, yet! They are working on and testing a 54 inch GHS deck which looks promising, they have also gotten together with Locke and are coming out with a front mount reel mower attachment (only looking at a limited supply, I had to order one, of course). And there was talk about the new Kohler liquid cooled engine be available, and Kohler testing a 26hp EFI liquid cooled too. They are making a new comfort seat made with cordura (like Carhardt material) which is black with gold Walker logo, it is very nice. nad a couple other be announced.......

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  5. lawnboy82

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    ok, i just looked at your picture-
    is this supposed to be like a gravely type machine? cause from the way that the pictures show it you can put a lot of different things on that machine, which is good so i guess you could just buy a walker ride on and a walk behind and just by the same decks and interchange them. that would be nice for snow blowers and stuff. the mower decks. real nice.
  6. syzer

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    Def. odd looking. Looks like they plan to make it a "multipurpose" type machine. Should be interesting.

  7. landscaper3

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    We use Walker mowers 3 to be exact with the newest being a 2001 26EFI, we also looked into the walk behind but there 2000 year intro was chain driven didnt like the setup!!!! They were chain drive like the 11 Horse Walker mower.
  8. Skookum

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    Is that Gravely Turf Engineer seeing this. He asked for ideas on a walk behind, I said a multi attachment system! Looks like someone else might be ahead of you all again.
  9. captdevo

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    Walker is testing the Kawasaki 22hp, liquid cooled, v-twin on the MD chassis.

    Discussing a bigger GHS blower 5inch X 10 1/2 inch........

  10. JLC

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    I swear I would own one if these could run with my Scag in terms of speed. It would be a 54" bagging deck interchangeable with a 54 side discharge deck which could be mounted on the above mentioned walkbehind. This would be a nice system. Especially if you would run the two stage snowthrower on the walkbehind power unit. Love the Walker, almost enough to buy one.

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