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I was diving past the golf course the other day. I saw a maintenance worker driving a golf cart,steering with his right hand,and dragging a 21" mower backwards with his left hand. He was acually trimming areas along the road the big mowers couldn't reach.


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Central Texas
Yeah, I drove past a large retirement home and the maintenance man was driving a lawn tractor with one arm while pulling a 21" mower on the side with his other arm. Both machines were cuttung grass and well uh wish you could have see those stripes, NOT!

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I was driving by a shopping center & there was a walk behind going at full speed while a guy sat with his legs folded on the deck trying to trim. I had to stop and watch,(thinking I might be dialing 911),it was on a farily steep incline going into a drain. they had to make several passes to get the trimming accomplished,if I only had my camera with me, I probally would have a new account!

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