New Web Sight From GopherSoftware

DFW Area Landscaper

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Ok guys. My new web sight is up and running. I had it designed through GopherSoftware. I'm very pleased so far with their quality and timely responses.

Several pages will have photos added as the season comes along and there are a few pages that I haven't had time to address just yet. For example, customer login isn't working, but that's because I haven't invested enough time in this thing yet. I've been swamped the last 3-4 weeks. I haven't had time to download any of the gopher software and start on the learning curve, but when we're done, it should be just like Lawn-Tek's websight. Customers will be able to login and check their balance due and possibly even see when we have them scheduled.

DFW Area Landscaper


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Bellbrook, OH

Looks really nice! Gopher does great work and is a pleasure to work with. Congrats!