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new web site survey..please take a look


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
Hi Kirby, my opion / 1st one real nice a little slow on down load and second nice but faster on download. I tried it twice but with heavy traffic that may be why. Good job and both are nice but im partial with black myself. You see my truck youll now why! I tried it a 3rd time uploaded fast go with #1


LawnSite Senior Member
baltimore, md
Job well done on both Kirby but i think number two looks a little better for the green industry. Maybe its just me but seems to have a professional edge over the black.

Precision Landscaping LLC

Eric ELM

Husband, Father, Friend, Angel
Chicago, IL USA
I like number 1 and if it doesn't win, I demand a recount. :D


LawnSite Senior Member
i like number 1 look...but it was slow to load. but it gets both my votes!!!


LawnSite Fanatic
Memphis, TN
I chose #2. I thought it looked a little more professional. Does the website really bring you any business? Do people in you area do a search and find your site and then contact you for service? Maybe I should think about this in my area. From a psycholgy standpoint, black is the color of a rebel.