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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by buffalonick, Dec 13, 2009.

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    As a professional Web developer and online marketing consultant, I think Intuit's system is good if you are looking for the bare-bones basics with nice graphics and layout. They certainly do have limitations, though ~ the biggest being that you do not own the site template, so you can't tweak it. Also, you cannot add dynamic scripts (such as JavaScript, PHP, Perl, etc.) for expanded functionality. Additionally, you cannot upload anything to their servers (such as printable quotes and blue prints), nor can you upload your own accent images in place of their body-accent images (though you can upload primary images such as your logo and header pic). Lastly, you have very little control over SEO tweaks (such as being to add Google Analytics). You also can't add Google AdWords/AdSense or other widgets and plugins that are not already approved in their system.

    Considering these rather extensive limitations, I stand firm that their system is "good", not "great". For businesses that need a low-cost, simple, professional-looking (but not professional-functioning) solution, Intuit is a good pick.

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    Netinc, thanks that is simply what i wanted, a low cost starter website, that is basic but still looks decent. I think for $5.00 i couldnt do better.
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    Hey, It looks nice.
    If I were a customer I would ask "are the pictures of your accounts or work you have done?" They better be. or get some uploaded. btw they are beautiful.

    Okay another area that is very important is size of font -go bigger -I use Firefox for a browser and it was pretty small there - look at your site with both Explorer and Firefox.
    The body of your text letter needs some grammatical improvement.
    Don't start a sentence with a preposition 'With'.
    The Intuit people should know this.
    And, take the word 'I' or 'We' out and use the customers viewpoint as 'You'.
    It's about them and the service you offer.
    Say 'You' will have dependable, reliable service for your property', for example.

    Also , are you licensed ? For pesticides and fertilizers -Landscape contractor, master gardener, etc. And Insured? Maybe they are requirements maybe not -but potential customers like to know.
    If so, include it -otherwise don't advertise any services that you should be doing legally and are not licensed for. A competitor will turn you in, especially if they pay for those licenses and your are not.

    Good luck with the site. I'm still working some glitches:usflag: and links out on mine.
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    Good deal. Just remember that "low cost" and "ease of use" isn't what's going to help you grab more business from the Internet. It's a highly-competitive online world out there. Having a Website for the sake of having a Website just isn't going to cut it anymore. You've got to turn your Website into a "destination" rather than just a glorified online brochure. Selling "landscaping" (maintenance or otherwise) is a visual pitch game. Focus on your graphics as a starting point.

    Obviously, you can do more with your Intuit template, and I can't wait to see the results. I bet that with your talent and creativity, along with their tools, you'll be able to create something spectacular. I'm excited about your future.

    Let me know how I can I help. I'm a bit more than just a "Web developer" (former VP of Corporate Communications for Investor Relations and CMO for an Internet Incubator/Venture Capital company).



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    As someone else has said it is a good basic site, however if ur true intention is to gain customers u may want to go with something that allows google and other add cathing programs to make sure u get the traffic u are looking for, other wise you are paying $60 a year for a flyer u will have to direct clints to.
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    Simple..I'd be interested to see pics of your work..Maybe some of your crew on lawn mowers or something or a plow truck...You know?
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    Hey Ring, I went to your web site. Why does the grass look so pale in your pictures? The added grass graphics on the sides of the pictures, that is dark green make the lawns in the pictures even look worst.
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    :usflag::drinkup:I suppose not everyone is PR Fect
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    Wow, little sensitive this morning! Sorry, you must of just got up.

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