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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by CountryLife Lawn Care, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. CountryLife Lawn Care

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    Hi i'm a new member. long time reader first time poster

    this is our second season and trying to push some more advertising with a new web page and social networking tell me what you think and any recommended changes.

  2. tonygreek

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    We just reviewed a Wix site a week or two ago so I won't go through the whole site again, but pay whatever the premium is to lose their branding. It's not remotely professional looking and it's just a device to potentially funnel customers away from your own site.

    If you click any of the three (3!) Wix links on just your home page, it doesn't open a new window and send your prospective customer to their site, it takes your prospective customer to their site via the active browser window.

    And I assume that the website address is just a placeholder until your new domain is ready?
  3. CountryLife Lawn Care

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    We are in the process of getting our domain name. We have tried a few other "free" web pages and we liked wix the most because of what all we could do with the pages and its simplicity.

    We just don’t want to pay for something that looks cheap. Compared to a handful of other local companies sites ours seems to look better than most.

    Thanks for the advice but if you do happen to see anything that doesn’t look right we would appreciate it if you would let us know

  4. greg8872

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    Several problems with that.

    1. What if those handfull get their sites updated.

    2. With WIX seo issues, potential customer may be seeing those handful (and the about 40 other sites I just looked at for your area that DO look better and more professional than yours) before getting to your site.

    Remember, what is easy for you, and what is easier for the visitor to find you to know about you are usually two different things.

    Not trying to knock your service, as I don't know ya, just using this as an example to put it in perspective: Do you service the lawns the correct way, or do you just do them to get it looking better than the neighbors? I'll bet you do them the right way because you know that in the long run, doing it the right way lasts longer, and requires less work later, and it is what the customer paid for.

    Now, a lot of people say "well I'm going it myself, so I'm not being paid to make my site". You are spending your time to do it, you may be loosing potential sales from it not being done right. That is money the company is 'paying' out of their bottom line.

    So anyhow back to things needing fixed independent of WIX, you get the benefit of the last wix site what I actually list where the misspellings are at. To much wasted time to go find them.

    First impression, where are you servicing? Yeah it is at the far right of the title, but these days the browsers don't always let you see the full title ,just what fits in the tab (sadly, I have to say something that IE does better than FF and Chrome (well FF you can enable it. People make decisions fast, aon on the info you get when first coming to your site, only the phone number would give me a hint to did I find a company that may service my area.

    Good design for a business site is contact and location are clearly visible on the home page, and the phone number on just about every page.

    So now that the page loaded, I check to make sure it is properly built (besides the Wix issues). Nope, it doesn't validate.

    On the slideshow, you have room at the bottom of each picture, put it to good use explaining to me what represented in that picture could I possibly use instead of just listing your company name.

    Title of the page
    Landscaping misspelled.

    Meta Description:
    Management and Surrounding are misspelled.

    Free Estimate:
    Address is misspelled.

    Fertilization and Weed Control
    While you fixed it in the "looks" part of it, behind the scene what the search Fertilization is misspelled
    supplying is misspelled

    inexperienced is misspelled

    Footer of the page:
    besides being very hard to read, and well, people don't like to have to concentrate to read something, Environmentally is misspelled.

    Additional Services
    What is misspelled

    The flow of the site, it is distracting that when i click on menu items i wait 1-2 seconds before I even see that the page is responding.

    Errors on filling in the form are thin dark red letters on a green background and are very hard to read. Also, other than what I entered disappears, there is nothing to tell me did it send.

    Lastly, considering that I have seen other wix sites that have them set up, get a mobile site configured, all those poor iPhone folk I hear still can't view flash.

    There ya go.

  5. tonygreek

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    For Wix, it looks like it's less than $10/mth to go premium and drop their branding. What fraction of one account you service would it take to cover that? Actually, it looks like you have to pay around 5 bucks a month for the privilege of using your own domain name, so what's a couple more to not have their billboards all over your site?

    If that quote isn't something you'd use on your brochure or business card, why use it as the philosophy behind what is your primary 24/7 lead-generation tool? Remember that your site is a key extension of your brand.
  6. CountryLife Lawn Care

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    We did dome thinking and decided that paying for a better web site and using word press is a great idea so were are re-doing the entire site. It is a work in progress and a lot more to learn but is much more ideal and not so clustered.
  7. Rui

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    You made a great decision CountryLife. Step one in hopefully great success online! :clapping:
  8. CountryLife Lawn Care

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    Thanks I think it will pay off over time
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  9. tonygreek

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    I have no doubt that a properly built site will pay off for you. When it comes to various business expenses, I find it helps to competitively view it as a game of "if I land one more client, that will cover my expense for [whatever]". It's a nice, achievable way to target a goal, and often, it's a simple matter of landing just one new account.

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