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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by jgibbons, Feb 16, 2010.

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    So are you selling these or are you installing them? I kind of have some confusion about what your company is doing you need to seperate the millstones from the rest of the services you offer when I click on hardscaping I see you selling stuff did you also install the projects that the millstones are set into? When I think of a website where I click on hardscaping I figure I will see some patios and walks that you installed. The graphics and fonts are top notch.
  3. jgibbons

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    The website does still need some tweeks. The hardscaping page is supposed to go to a page with pictures of jobs we did just like you said then have a link to the millstones. We are a distributer for the stones and we make a very good amount of money off them. The jobs on there were done by us, a couple of them on my personal property actually. We signed up to be a wholesaler for the stones which means we get them at half the retail price and we can sell it for whatever we want.
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    The contact is not displayed very well.

    Not on the home page, and beneath text on other pages in fairly small letters.

    The colors look pretty good.

    Not sure what I think of needing to dig through season pages first to see what main services are offered.

    Many companies show a few of their top few services on the home page so people see it right away.
  5. jgibbons

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    I do agree with you that the contact should be bigger. As far as the services go, I was trying to go a different route than all the others out there. just trying to be different.
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    Yeah, its sort of interesting to look at.

    Certainly different. I like the stab at originality.

    When people go to the home page, is there something to do to the big squares so that they realize those replace the menu?

    Some folks may just think those are images, and not realize they are linked. In other words, if they don't have their cursor over the page, they may just think what they see is all there is.
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    Perhaps it's just me, but I use a 1064x750 (or so) screen size. The website doesn't size to fit, and it's too big for me to view. I have to scroll across an inch or so.

    On your winter page, you might want to 'tweak' the first line that you don't have bolded. I'd break the sentence in the middle so one letter isn't left at the top.


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