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New Website


LawnSite Silver Member
Its a little bland. do you have a logo?
Also, I like to put my Billing info/company name phone number at the bottom of the pages too. I'd ditch the "enter site" page, There is no real point to them.


LawnSite Fanatic
I would like to see some pictures of your work, maybe equipment or jobs you have done. I dont know if the border pictures are of one of your properties, but shouldn't you have cleaned up the leaves and cut the grass first?:p
Good info, keeps it simple. Pics are worth 1000 words.


LawnSite Platinum Member
Are you crazy....$59 leaf cleanups for any sized yard???? I guess you have never done this....you better get that off there, unless your area is nothing but small lawns.

The website looks good. It's a great starter, but you havn't been in business long and I am sure you will want to add more soon.


LawnSite Member
Kansas City MO
I would say $59 for a cleanup could get you in alot of trouble... meaning you could spend three hours at a property and walk away (after taking into account gasoline spent) with about $15/hr or less. I would change the text color on the heading on the first page to a different color than flourescent green(maybe white?). Other than that I really like it!


LawnSite Gold Member
Central Jersey
lawn care...all I seen was tall trees and leaves on the lawn...

the previous two stole my thunder about the pricing. Be carefull...59 any size...:dizzy:


LawnSite Gold Member
I won't discuss your prices, as others have voiced their strong opinions already.

Spell-check...it's "bale", not "bail". For the pine straw that is.

Team Gopher

LawnSite Platinum Member
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Hi waldo98998,

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LawnSite Fanatic
Flint, Michigan
I do really like the appearance....it's perrrrty.
The pricing stuff has already been addressed. FIX IT before you lose your REAR! Now, for a few suggestions:
You price on straw mulch......give them an AREA it covers. Like say covers up to 100 sq. ft. (or however far a bale goes). Average consumers don't know how much a bale covers. Don't leave them guessing.
Clean-up- We always do a through (sp.) job of cleaning up any mess we may make. How about if we say this..rather than say any mess we may make (amateurish), let's say;
Clean-up- We always do a thorough job of cleaning up - leaving your property looking it's best.
Also, get rid of the the highlighted phrase that says.
In a hurry? We offer next-day service FREE!
(Please call before 12pm)

Do not make promises that you can't keep. If you are ANY good at what you do, you will be busy doing it. All this says is that you aren't that busy. (See where I'm getting at?) Besides, it's impracticle...let ALONE for "free".

In the About Us section , you have this.
If we under price a project, that is our problem, not our customers.
Omit that completely. That sounds so amatuerish, that you are shooting yourself in the foot. Do NOT admit to mistakes even before you make them. Be a pro. If I read this as a potential customer, I would think Oh, here is someone who doesn't know how to price, - says right here. I bet I get what I pay for. Gee, I bet if he's that inexperienced in pricing, I bet I probably don't want him pruning my Japanese Maple tree, either.
Which brings us to the experience thing again...Get rid of the birthday. you are an INFANT company...don't advertise it. You can say that you are a young company with new ideas, but you don't need to tell the people that you started the day before yesterday.

But hey! Other than that, you got a good looking website there! I hope it works out well for you, and good luck with it!