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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by BillG, Mar 11, 2002.

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    I agree with Stonehenge on the Landscape button. Plus, I don't care much for the main page and the fact you have enter from there. Feels like I'm entering a page that contains explicit material. Just my thought.

    I like the rock border, nice touch. I also like your logo.
    Your off to a good start. I'm sure once you get everything worked out it will a great site.

    By the way, Stonehenge, I like your site. Very thorough with the services you provide.

    I'm also starting to take the step in creating a site for myself. Luckily my Brother-in-law had his own web page developement co. So I don't have to pay.
  2. TooLPrincessBlaze

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    :eek: $1200! What levels of insaneness have you been reduced to? Did you pay someone to make it? Does the site provider cost that much? What exactly cost $1200??

    (I kinda like splash pages, just an opinion though)

    I don't see any problem with it (for $1200 I should damn well hope not) all the links and everything are cool. Its a really nice site, has a good "vibe" to it and everything. Its real bright, happy.

    On your contact page (if you can acces the html) if you wanna make your e-mail a link the code is (a href="")E-mail(br)
    Just replace these ( ) with these < >
    (i don't know, a lot of people do that though (e-mail links that is).)

    It should look something like this but in your font and colors.
    <center><a href="">E-Mail<br></a>

    see how when you click on it it opens your e-mail & automatically has the address in it(for most people anyway it does)

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