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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by pro-interlock, Aug 19, 2011.

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    very impressive job photos. you do nice work!

    the gallery photos could use some short descriptive copy.

    maybe put the list of services on the home page, too. people like to scan bullet points.
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    Great images, you must be really good at your job.

    I have some tips for you and anyone else who wants to get business via a website.

    1)When you buy your Domain remember to have your keyword in the Domain, like etc
    2) Always use your keyword in the title of your page
    3) Maintain around a 3-4% keyword density on your pages
    4) Post/Page titles should include your keyword
    5) Include a mix of LSI Keywords (related words)
    6) Use Alt Image tags to optimize your pictures
    7) Bold/Underline your keyword at least one time per page
    8) Always include your keyword in the first 50 words of any

    And that is just the on-site SEO. After that comes the Off-Site stuff. Done correct, you can dominate your area.

    All the best with this, and if you need any advice, get in touch.


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