New Wheel Chock Tie Downs

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Skookum, Apr 3, 2001.

  1. Skookum

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    I purchased some of those new wheel chock tie downs from Green Touch after seeing them at a trade show this past winter. I put them on a few days ago for my ZTR and my WB. They seemed to work really well.

    Anybody else using them?
  2. WLC

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    Got a pic? Where can they be found? I'm currently trying to improve my equipment tie downs and security. I like the flush mount tie-down hooks in Kirby's (Union Turf) enclosed trailer
    Thanks in advance!
  3. WLC

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    from NE TN
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    Green Touch????
  4. Skookum

    Skookum LawnSite Senior Member
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    The company is Green Touch, Inc. No website listed on any info I have, but here is phone number 1-800-621-6919 Call and get a catalog. They make trimmer racks and such as well. I know at the trade show I was at, the Lesco booth had all of their stuff on display and the Lesco rep said they were a new item that Lesco was going to carry. Then I found the maker, Green Touch a few isles down at the show.

    I called the tie downs, chocks. In the catalog they are called Wheel Clamps. They are $29, but I cannot remember if that was for a set or each clamp. They consist of two vinyl coated chocks that fit on each side of the tire and are secured to the trailer floor. Then there is a long v shaped nylon web strap that is secured to one of the chocks. Then there is a ratchet binder with a long web strap connected to the other chock.

    Once the mower wheel is inbetween the chocks, all you do is place the straps from each chock over the top of the wheel and use the ratchet to tighten the strap, thus securing the mower wheel from moving. Once you have them set, all you have to do is loosen the ratchet and slip the strap off one side of the wheel to unload. Then to load, you move the mower between the chocks, slip the strap over the tire and tighten the ratchet.

    I have always been a tie down nut. My friends call me the Tie Down King! But, in my defense, I have always replied, "You will never see me in the middle of the street picking up what I was hauling". To date I never have, yet, but I have seen so many people looking like idiots while picking up stuff out of the street that had fallen off the car or truck.

    I haul all my equipment sideways on the trailer. I use to use four straps on my ZTR and WB's. I have never had a problem with the three WB's I haul, but the ZTR, has always had straps come lose from the slight movement of the castor wheels rocking at stop and go's. Once around town with these new clamps proved to be the trick, The ZTR never moved.

    I will try to post a pic if I can get a chance in a few days. There is a pic in the March PRO issue on page 53, lower right hand corner ad shows a trailer with equipment. You can see the clamps and straps securing the equipment if you look closer.

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  5. mdb landscaping

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    i just bought a two place trimmer rack, two wheel chocks and a backpack rack. they do have a website. they havent put out new brochures yet
  6. jrebeiro

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    I bought a bunch of stuff from green touch. Trimmer rack, gas can rack, blower rack, and water cooler rack. So far the only items I am happy with are the trimmer rack and cooler rack.

    I have a redmax eb7000 and the blower rack lock has no place to go inside the blower. I had to put it in between the padding and use bungee to secure it. I dont trust the padding tho thats why i am using bungee. Green Touch's website says redmax blowers need a modification but don't tell you what to do.

    The gas can racks are also junk. They came with two bolts. Now the picture shows them mounted to the A frame of an open trailer. I have an enclosed trailer with a 5" thick A frame and no place to hook these bolts. Not only that but there is too much slack with my 5 gallon cans. I am gonna jerry rig something inside the trailer... I just didnt want gas all over the plywood in case of a leak.

    The instructions are also worthless. no pictures and they are generic for all their products.

    I am real happy with the trimmer racks tho. overall the products are okay... no big winners here.

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