New wheels and tires on the truck along with some other things

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by pitrack, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. rbljack

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    thats one of the nicest truck set ups ive seen on here. Work truck, lift kit, overkill?? I definitly dont think that. I have only one gripe with that aint a mega cab! Looks awesome man...and Im sure it gets noticed a lot.

    I love the blacked out look too. I seen the pictures with it attached to the matching trailer and love that look!

    True enough, the plow mount does look WAY out of place. But..its a work truck...LOL
  2. TriCountyLawn

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    I like the rims in the plow mode pic better Not slammin or nothing , just cant justify dropping coin to have to lift spreaders,blowers,grass etc HIGHER. My cousin runs Fords and always laughs at how low my Chevy sits. I let him laugh.

    Theres a const company local to me that has crazy lifts with super swampers and full body tool boxes. They have 1 step benches that they get out and move around the truck as they need things out. I watched a guy fight a 100' cord that must have been wrapped around every tool in the bed for a good 10 mins one day. Didnt look very cool...haha

    That said, I have never seen a blacked out work truck like that around here. So I wouldn't say its played out. ....Maybe blacked out caprices with spinning
  3. poolboy

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    IMHO, it's a waste of money.
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  4. Scagboy715

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    Dang man im so envious!!!!
  5. pitrack

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    I understand. Actually I only have about 3" of lift on the truck, but I know what you mean.
    Like I said earlier I enjoy spending money on my truck as I'm sure you enjoy spending money on things you like. Good for you :weightlifter:
  6. Lux Lawn

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  7. Valk

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    Your blacked-out look makes for a sharp understated macho looking truck...imho. Some like shiny bling...some don't. Good job.
  8. Green-Man

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    I'm going to do the same thing to my truck when I get it. Make it look awesome like yours! I'm gonna do something with red since its my favorite color. Let people hate on it being your work truck and all because its nice and your putting money into it lol. People are gonna know who you are just by that truck. Again looks great!
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  9. Falcon50EX

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    Looks great but could you clean up the snow plow attachment. I know nothing about that area or how you attach the plow but the truck is so clean and then you see that hanging down.
    Your trailer look nice also
  10. DannyLot

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    Is that truck for work an personal or just work? Def looks good though I like it !

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