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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Razzlo, Feb 2, 2001.

  1. Razzlo

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    I have an '84 C-10 w/ 15" Tires. I want to know if I can put 16" wheels and tires on without any modification i.e. lift etc. Also, Can I use English size i.e. 31" tires in place of the standard P235/75R15?

  2. wyldman

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    Yes,you can use non-metric sizes,like a 31X10.515,just make sure you will have enough clearance.If you have six bolt wheels (probably not on a C10),then you could swap a set of 16" wheels with the same bolt pattern from another chevy.If you don't,you can usually get aftermarket wheels in just about any size.A simple call to a good tire dealer,and he will tell you what your bolt pattern is,and what all will fit it.
  3. 85w/350

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    I only have the stock 15 inch rally wheels on my chevy and I just mounted a new set of tires -- 31 10.50's -- on my truck and they clear no problem...everything is stock(no lift)Why do you really want 16inch rims? Stick with 15inch if you want taller lift it a little and buy wider rims and add bigger tires
  4. captdevo

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    make sure they do not rub your tierods, i had an 85 1/2 ton 4x4 and tried 2000 Z71 wheels and they rubbed my tie rods and also my lug studs where alot smaller so i would have had to have lug nuts which were deep set. i finally bought some 16" aftermarkets that worked with 32x11.50x16 AT's

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