New wire tracing product specifically for lighting?

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by irrig8r, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. irrig8r

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  2. klkanders

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    Do you currently have a wire tracer? How does this stack up to others you have seen or tested? Did you happen to call them on a price?
  3. slimart01

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    I was thinking about getting a armada 700 for sprinkler valves but also wondered if it could be used for tracing low voltage lighting wire as well? Anyone use one for this?
  4. S&MLL

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    Does the black thing hang down from the yellow hand held unit? Seems like it would come unplugged easy. Or do you have to hold the yellow unit to the ground? My back would hurt.

    If it is under 200 could be worth keeping around
  5. Lite4

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    I have used something similar, but I have a pretty good one now that works better.
  6. INTEGRA Bespoke Lighting

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    I have a similar product by another manufacturer. It works fairly well. No sore back as you the receiver simply hangs from your hands as you swing it back and forth. There are better units on the market but I seldom require a wire tracer so I went with the value unit.
  7. irrig8r

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    I have a Pro-Tech 600 (Pro-Tech is the former name of Armada before they moved from Arizona to Michigan).

    I also have a Tempo 508S... it looks a lot like the Armada 290 and 300. That Tempo model also has another nice feature: a cable you can plug into a live line voltage socket and trace the wires... say within a finished garage wall, before you start to drill and hang a sprinkler controller...

    I've used the 600 effectively to find run directions of lighting cable on jobs where I wasn't the original installer but doing troubleshooting; for instance finding out where a cable passed under a driveway... and where to find it on the other side...I didn't have any issues with the locating current damaging lamps (that I know of) but John Bass at Vista said he'd try to research that for me.
  8. irrig8r

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    No you do not have to hold the unit on the ground... or at least I assume you don't. The Tempo swings like the one James describes.

    I've also held it in hand to do vertical tracing: following wires behind retaining walls to see how deep they were buried.
  9. Lite4

    Lite4 LawnSite Gold Member
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    I carry a really nice wire tracer and a very nice fault locator on my truck.* Absolute essentials when troubleshooting someone elses install like Gregg mentioned.

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