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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Chuckie481, Aug 29, 2007.

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    Hello All
    I have been on Lawnsite for a few months and basically have "lurked" throughout this site.It's has been very informative to say the least and my knowledge base has been updated tremendously. I can't thank all who contribute to this site enough......thanks for your input because there are probably hundreds maybe thousands who pass through this site and have gained valuable info to further them along.
    This past Saturday I purchased a Wright Sentar 36 and really love the machine. I was in the market to get a WB but spied this fabulous machine at my dealer who just picked up the line the previous week and fell in love after a demo was given. I had been reading about all the buzz on the Wrights and was very curious on how the Sentar would handle my cutting duties. Finally, got it home and had to get accustomed to the controls.They are much more responsive as compared to my Scag Tiger Cub which I characterize the Scag as a little smoother but not taking away anything from the Wright Sentar but the Scag Tiger Cub is my workhorse and I am in a groove and much better with it.I had read some issues with the cutting quality with Wright's blades and did not change them at first. Today I had the dealer change out blades to the Scag hi-lift blades and the cut has improved greatly. I am totally impressed with the results. I know you guys would like pictures but it's not possible at the moment. Thanks, to all the Wright owners who submitted their thoughts on changing out the blades this has made a wonderful machine into a great machine.


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