New xr7 love it but!!!! leaving uncut grass

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  1. PaulJ

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    Why does the new designe not utilize the longer blades with more overlap. Simple logic and geometry tells me that more overlap would leave less possiblilty of the problem of uncut strips of grass. The longer baldes of the hustler was one of many reasons I chose the super WB. But now the new decks have less blade overlap like everyone elses. :confused:
  2. hue-nut

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    Same thing for me on occasion with my 37" hydro walk. I have checked for blade over lap and there is about a half inch, however in heavy grass I will see a small strip right down the middle. Its weird because I only encounter it a couple of times a week, not all the time.
  3. Shady Brook

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    I do not understand why they would go with less overlap. One could postulate that you can narrow up the deck, but with the new deck it appears longer due to an area for air space up front. I believe there is also a larger gap between the rear of the deck and the rear wheels. I demod a 27/60 XR-7, and I noticed an occasional uncut strip in the middle of the deck. I do not like the added length as I experienced alot of scalping. I do not know how much the flex forks contributed, but it was not all forks causing the problem. I am sure much of it was the longer wheelbase. I really which they did not fool with this aspect of the mower. I think there is also a sacrifice in agility with turns on the longer wheel base. Another problem I have is I have a boat load of 21" blades from my other Super Z, and face much confusion and potential problems not to mention expense with buying sub 21" blades for the new deck. I really wish they modified the deck but kept the overlap and 21" blades.
  4. marc

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    PJ- Any uddates, my salesman came out last Wednesday and verified the problem. I don't think that I have alot of time with a few of my customers before my services are terminated. I need a solution soon.
  5. mowerconsultant

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    Our engineering department is in process of making the necessary parts and sending them out this week.

  6. TLS

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    I sure hope that this isn't an issue.

    I'm buying a new 60" ZTR soon, and had all intentions of leaving eXmark and going with Hustler.

    There are already a few hurdles I have to face, I really don't need any more!

    I sure wish mowers could be bought in pieces! Take the deck of one, the frame of another, use brand X engine, etc, etc!
  7. puppypaws

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    Is this going to be added parts that is necessary for all the XR-7 decks, it seems absolutely impossible that this can happen to a certain number of mowers when they are all designed and built the same way. When you test a new product for as long as Hustler tested the new XR-7 deck which was said to be about 2 years, how is it possible for something as pronounced as this problem seems to be not to have been noticed before these decks were put into production. I understand there are different conditions that could cause this type of problem and if so what are these conditions, is it certain grasses in certain parts of the country or is it a design flaw. When something is tested as throughly as this new deck design was suppose to have been you should not need to be building new parts to correct a problem that should have been caught by this so called extensive testing.
  8. jcltyson

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    Is the 'fix' something everyone with a new XR-7 will need to get or only certain ones? What dictates who will need to get this correction, other than if this is noticable with your unit?
  9. mowerconsultant

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    I don't have the answers to the last couple of posts here, but I will talk to the engineers working on this and hope to have answers for you soon.

  10. Ty Webb

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    I have to agree with this! If I could take this frame, those wheels, that suspension, an engine, pumps and motors from this or that brand, I could build something that hits all the high points.

    I guess that is what each company thinks it is doing though. Unless someone has a patent, you would think they put on all the best stuff.


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