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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. tacoma200

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    Well here is a picture of the new XR7 deck in Turf magazine and a picture of the Velocity plus deck from the Scag web site. I am glad to see the triangle back because that was a lot of my cutting problem. There is really a lot of similarity's in the design. But the Scag Velocity still cuts better for me in Northern grasses (weeds). I think the fact that the blades on the Scag Velocity are set back away from the front baffle helps the grass to stand up right before it is cut. I think the dust shields on the XR7 don't help matters. Also the XR7 is braced better but these braces seem to be in the way of letting the grass stand up. Mine stayed clogged with grass. I don't see a turbo baffle but there may be one for the XR7. I'm not sure. Open space in front of the blades seem to be the main difference. Well you have to give it to Huslter on the bracing. If you tear the front of that deck up your probably in a hospital some where. What do you think TLS, Puppypaws, MJB, Mickhippy, etc. I just know that I was never able to get a good cut in our less than perfect turf here with the XR7 while the velocity does much better. I know you would like to get you hands on the new deck TLS. Opinions welcome.

    Hustler new XR7.jpg

  2. tacoma200

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    Here is the Exmark Triton, and Toro Turbo Force from the article


    Turbo force.jpg
  3. gene gls

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    Hi Lance, The problem with the XR7 deck is that there is no room between the front of the deck and the blades for the clippings to move. They remain in the cutting path and there is no room for the uncut grass to stand up to be cut. At least Scag left a space for the clippings to move in and be out of the cutting path, same as with my EverRide. The only down side to open flow space for the clippings is the mowers don't discharage the clippings when cutting backwards. We have to sacrafice somewhere. For me, let it cut good on the first pass....
  4. HenryB

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    Gene, how do you like the Everride compared to the Hustler? Are the clippings too long at discharge?
  5. puppypaws

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    The Scag deck looks extremely simple and I like that, your TT is a 12 mph mower, how does it cut at that speed and what do you think it would be like at 15 mph.

    I really can't wait to get my hands on one, I know it cuts very good from your information, I just want to see how it rides, handles and operates in comparison to my Hustler.

    What would be your thoughts on the Velocity deck under a Hustler Super Z with the 35 Vanguard. Would that not be getting close to your ultimate in a mower?
  6. tjsquickcuts

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    I would have to agree about poor discharge when cutting backwards....But as for total after cut finish, my TT is the greatest....I am curious to find out how well it bags??????
  7. DAR57

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    The first thing I noticed is that everyone except Hustler is running Hi-lifts out of the box.
  8. tshank

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    I have the the Xr7 to where it is tolerable. Lift kit, leave the left side baffle out of it, use 3" Dixie Chopper blade, Rotary 6441. Those suckers move some air. The lift kit eliminates the blow-out baffles, so when it is dry, can get a little dusty. Used to own a Chopper, so I'm used to blow-out. If it gets intolerable, switch to an Exmark high lift. It works pretty well also. The blades that don't get used are the factory blades.
  9. tshank

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    Your back ain't going to like it. Semi-solid tires on the front. Not for old people. Velocity deck under a Hustler, it would be as long as a Peterbilt.
  10. Mickhippy

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    This is all pretty much out of my league really!:dizzy:

    I cant believe how much the Exmark deck sends clippings into each blade on the way through! Must suck HP I would think! Have they had trouble with that? It looks very similar to the Toro but at least thats adjustable baffle!

    Why is there such large gaps between the leading edges and the baffles on these things? Is there a reason for it? I guess to let grass stand up! Im just thinking how much shorter the wheel base's could be without them.

    I like my 04 SZ deck but thats all Ive used on a ztr.
    I remember my first demo. There where dandelion stems and stringers but the grass was long. I bought it anyway and when I put on blades that hung a little lower in the deck (just a fraction lower than deck leading edge) the cut was much better. (I remember talking about that sometime ago when I think Tacoma was having trouble).

    I do think a tunnel/flared (JD, Everide and think Husky) discharge opening would be good for dispersal and clumping. Would be nice to have it adjustable to send near or far. Just a thought! The chute would probably work if ya could set it at different angles? :confused:

    Where I live, most council guys are running Scag TT. The council sets the height they "must" cut. Thats like 1.5" or something ridiculous! The Scags are able to do it not problem. I would think that deck belts on some decks would struggle with the angle from the pullies. I guess thats why Everride have the "tilting" deck belt drive "thingy?" lol

    I will be interested in seeing where this goes anyway!:drinkup:

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