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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by YardFarmersLLC, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Nice stuff, I like the old Fords.
  2. big_belly4ever

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    hmm truth comes out about what happen to our badboy diesel im sure badboy would like to see that pic before you went down and try to sucker them into giving you a new one and cat would love to see that thier engine they replaced for you was because of the under water weeds you where mowing. jeees kid your somethin else i see youll go far
  3. eatonpcat

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    No...It was under....................water:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:
  4. 03twenty500hd

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    if you read smartazz you'd see that he mentioned something went wrong with the hydros and it flew in reverse into the pond. :hammerhead::dizzy:

    wow your a d1ck
  5. grasshog08

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    nice work and equipment, how do you like the bad boy 26hp z?
  6. YardFarmersLLC

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    You must be drunk genius. The engine they replaced over heated due to their faulty water pump. I been looking at this thing, and I figured out why no one could control the stupid thing to cause it to go into the pond. The radiator screen just slides down into a groove, and there are no clips or anything else to hold it in there except the bottom of the groove is bent in a little bit (poor design). The screen dell through the bottom, and hit a hose, jerking the Hydro supply line loose from the tank. It had no control on one side at that point and went into the pond.

    Do you see any underwater weeds to mow here????



  7. Layin Stripes

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    That hillside is so steap I don't see how your guys stand up on it. A buddy of mine suggested a cheap push mower and a rope lol.
  8. YardFarmersLLC

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    The big steep one we weedeat? It's a bear, but we have a science on it. There are three sections to it, and me and three workers can do it in 1 hour, but that's overdrive the whole way. And yes, we each fall down several times each trip
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  9. Layin Stripes

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    You would about have to have it down to a science. I picked up the apartments two weeks ago. Kinda weird halfway through the season, but I don't mind. Holler at me if were ever up there at the same time.

    STIHL GUY LawnSite Fanatic
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    you do some great have quite the business built for yourself as well

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