New Yard, What Next?


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I seeded about 2 1/2 acres at the end of April and have now mowed the grass 5 times. I used a landscaper's grade of Starter Fertilizer before the seed was planted and have obtained a great stand of grass in a relatively short time. I am located in the midwest and the rains have played in my favor for a spring plant. My question is what to do next. I have a lot of weeds and I am torn as whether to liquid spray with a 2-4-D or to fertilize the yard again to encourage more seeding and growth. I used a good mix of a 3 blend Perennial and Common Bluegrass. If I fertilize, what type should I use? I do not want to use a granular Weed and Feed, too many variables and I own a 25 gallon towable sprayer to apply the liquid weed killer. What type of liquid spray to use on the new yard. Should I do anything? <p>Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.<br>


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I would use confront next to tackle the weeds. As long as the turf is not stresses from the heat or dry weather. You can fertilize and water that in anytime after....again watch the heat.


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You didn't say what kind of grass that you planted. However, check with a local nursery and they ccan givesome hints as to the specific herbicides that you can use. For what it's worth, I would try to hit it with a broadleaf herbicide (be careful not to get this on shrubs, trees, or ornamental that are also ornamentals. As to fertilizer, I would keep hitting it so long as it needs it. Get some soil samples checked to see specifically what you need. General Plan: 1.)Keep nutrient levels right, mow and 2.)hit the weeds with a broadleaf herbicide. REMEMBER, a healty turf will push the weeds out!


2,4,D should not hurt your grass if it is healthy--if your budget allows Confront would be a good choice---maybe mix a sprayable fertilizer(liquid no WSP)with high potash content-this would boost your grass and kill out broadleaf weeds(Confront is excellent on clover)