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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by howie, Jun 25, 2000.

  1. howie

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    I seeded about 2 1/2 acres at the end of April and have now mowed the grass 5 times. I used a landscaper's grade of Starter Fertilizer before the seed was planted and have obtained a great stand of grass in a relatively short time. I am located in the midwest and the rains have played in my favor for a spring plant. My question is what to do next. I have a lot of weeds and I am torn as whether to liquid spray with a 2-4-D or to fertilize the yard again to encourage more seeding and growth. I used a good mix of a 3 blend Perennial and Common Bluegrass. If I fertilize, what type should I use? I do not want to use a granular Weed and Feed, too many variables and I own a 25 gallon towable sprayer to apply the liquid weed killer. What type of liquid spray to use on the new yard. Should I do anything? <p><br>Any comments and suggestions would be greatly appreciated<br>
  2. MOW ED

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    My opinion only but I wouldn't blanket spray the lawn with 2-4-d or any other weed control product because it retards ond kills seed as well as broadleafs. I would give yourself a year to two in which you add more seed in the fall and spring. After establishment you can start to spot spray the weeds, keeping in mind that broadleaf herbicides can also effect grass growth if applied in the wrong concentrations or at the wrong time. <p>If you absolutely want to spray wait until after first frost or possibly in the spring but be aware that some of your seed will not germinate. Many other good opinions on this site, I'm sure you will get others. Good Luck.
  3. John DiMartino

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    Im with MOW ED on this one,although most selective herbicides can be applied after the 4th mowing of fresh seeded grass,I would wait until the lawn is better established.Try to get it thickened up now and in the fall and fill in the bare spots so when you blast it next spring(before flowers are out)you can have a minimun of thin spots that will just attract more weed seeds.Spot spraying is the safest way,but I prefer to treat the whole lawn at times of low stress at the low to med rate.Good luck<p>----------<br>John D<br>
  4. Grasscape Inc

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    lot's o water and some straight nitrogen.<br>Grass will be so heathly and strong, the weeds will not survive
  5. TurfMan

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    Just my opinion too. I don't want to offend anybody. I have sprayed about 10 of my &quot;new&quot; this year lawns with no ill effects. I just sprayed one yesterday that I seeded mid-May. Have sprayed 1000's of other &quot;new&quot; lawns with no ill effects. Be very careful of temperature and use the lower end of the chemical rate. You may have to spray twice or more, but better safe than sorry. After 5 mowings you should be ok if there has been adequate moisture prior. <p>By abating the weeds early you will stop them from going to seed and making the lawn look bad. The whole first year is a long time to just let the weeds go. All the seed you hoped would germinate should be up by now and the grass that is there a better opportunity to thrive when the weeds are gone from competion. <p>Again, this is just my opinion and I don't want to offend anybody (especially MOW ED). <p>Hope this helps you.
  6. ant

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    spray it. i used momentum from lesco. works well. fertilize the same that day. read the momentum label. your cust.will be more happy to see the weed die back. <br>anthony grelli
  7. MOW ED

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    I don't take any offense to differing opinions because everybody has something to offer. My opinion is just my preference in this case and other professionals like Turfman and anthonygrelli have their preferences on the subject. Gather the knowledge, sort it out, do what you think best, but the most important step is to reevaluate the result. Then you can leave it alone if it works or change if it doesn't. We are all here to facilitate this and a differing opinion helps me to reevaluate my procedures too. Thanks.
  8. Lazer

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    I assume you took a soil test before seeding?! It takes 5 minutes and $8. It provides more information than any of us here ever could.<p>Depending on soil, I fertilize with STARTER every 3 weeks for 3 times, then a normal weed/feed program.<p>New lawns need lots of Phosphorus for cell division and root growth. Again depending of soil test.

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