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    So I have finished my 30 hour core and turf category hours needed to test for my pesticide license this winter. I am just wondering what I can expect on my test day. I don't know anyone around that has the license to ask and would like to ace this test. Any help would be greatly appreciated, as in areas that they spend more time on in the test than others.

    * I looked and found a few of these for NJ and other states but didnt find any for NY*
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    The test has changed from when I took it. But know the label and where to find info on it. If it is still portion open book, tab your chapters so you dont lose time looking for the info.

    There are others that have taken it recently that would be able to guide you better.
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    Make sure you have the math down pat. Be able to figure square footage with beds, circular bed, semi cirlce beds, that sort of thing. Then calculate AI for the app. Know how to calibrate boom sprayers and other delivery systems, but my test had nothing on aerial spraying.

    They seem to like pests like the Birch leaf miner, Bronze birch borer, sod webworms, grubs, chinch bugs and all kinds of cattepillars.

    They will ask some questions about what can and can't be applied to school grounds and know all the regs about that.

    simple stuff too... like how to identify a sedge vs a grass.

    Forget acing it. I took the 30 hour class, studied another 60 to 90? hours and got a couple of 90's. I'm a good test taker. I studied aiming to ace it. I didn't. But, if you study to ace it, you will pass no sweat.

    I took my test in Jan 08. That was a new battery of tests they gave (they have 5 versions, so copying from the guy next to you wont work) and obviously, I only saw one version of the 5 they administer.

    Good luck.

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