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Discussion in 'Fertilizer Application' started by grandview (2006), Mar 27, 2012.

  1. grandview (2006)

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    They pass a law about how you can't apply it before Apr 1st. I think they forgot to send the memo out.Can't tell you how many lawn signs have popped up in the last week.
  2. RigglePLC

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    so what about crabgrass control? If its time for crabgrass control or if crabgrass is up--which is a strong possibility--then must you try to buy crabgrass control without fertilizer and apply a crab-only product?

    That law means probably 90 percent of yards in your state will be treated too late or not treated for crabgrass.
  3. bartjr

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    I don't like this law and this years the winter too short therefore my lawn is take over by crabgrass. 4 more days to go to spread crabgrass control :)
  4. turf hokie

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    Plenty of guys are out spreading fertilizer, have been for about 2 weeks.

    I agree the law does not make sense when it only considers the calendar and not GDD or soil temps.

    That said, assuming the signs mean fertilizer could be flawed. albeit most guys dont know how to adjust a program to do an application without the fert....

    This law seems to be like most others, a pat on the back for the politicians and kudos from the environmentalists, but no means of enforcement. I think that enforcing the pesticide license takes precedence over the fertilizer dates, but they cant/wont/dont do that so do you really expect them to go after the fertilizer?

    bartjr, how do you know your lawn is take over with crabgrass? we are still well within the window of prevention, and those of us with licenses have products in our tool box that open that window even further, especially us pros that can spray liquid pre-emergence that will give post emergent control as well.....good luck with the lawn
  5. bartjr

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    @turf hokie; last summer my wife and I spend couple hours pulled em up and i am assume it will takeover again this years. Since you mention liquid, i will look into that. You are not in central NY area...are you?

  6. Smallaxe

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    The first thing to figure out is the difference between 'fertilizer' and "pre-M"... The 2nd thing to consider is the timing of each... Cool-season grasses that were properly fertilized last Fall will not need more fert until after 3 mowings or so...

    Sometimes CG can pop up in certain spots long before they show up in a properly maintained laqwn, and a true professional would know what these conditions are, and apply pre-m as necessary, when necessary, if necessary...

    After listening to all the confused discussion from New Yorkers, are we to understand that ferts. are regulated, NOT the herbicides??? :)
  7. Lawn132012

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    NJ is right behind you on this one!
  8. turf hokie

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    @bartjr, no we are not in central ny, downstate, rockland county, unless you are in the city then we are upstate in rockland county:hammerhead:

    there is no confusion on the law, just no enforcement and complete disregard for it.
    I might go as far as say, unless you are licensed and in the system you could just about get away with murder.

    What we have here is a homeowner trying to diy, which is fine, but he is being given mis-information from what seems to be a big box store employee that has just enough knowledge to be dangerous.

    There is a new law that went into effect this year that restricts the use of lawn fertilizers by everyone (including homeowners) from April 1 to December 1, it also restricts the use of P to new seeding (not overseeding, but a new lawn) unless a soil test shows the need for it.

    Pesticides are restricted for commercial applications and some are RUP which need a license to buy, that being said, any swinging d... can walk into a big box store and buy anything that does not say "for commercial use only" on it and apply it anytime as long as it is not "for hire" but around here getting things enforced is like getting a private meeting with the pope, aint gonna happen. Heck I can buy quinclorac from ortho in home depot but I cant use drive or q4 in ny because quinclorac is not registered in the state for commercial use because of the ai....I can also buy dithiopyr at .17 ai and imdicloprid at .2 ai from the box stores without a license but need to have a license to buy it from any of my commercial vendors, why? because the bags at the box store exclude the 4 words "for commercial use only"on the label. I called the DEC and call b.s. but they dont care, the box stores have a better lobbying budget than us small guys....

    I could go on with how jaded I am with the DEC but I think that is enough....

    To answer your question, pesticides are regulated for commercial use and fertilizers now have their use restricted by date for all.
  9. Lawn132012

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    These new laws had us looking at some All Natural products like SumaGreen Turf, Holganix, etc. Holganix with their pricing, refrigeration, etc does not seem like the fit we are looking for but the SumaGreen Turf we had tried on some tests plots seem to be working fine.Of course we are using in a greenhouse on new seeds comparing it to our fertilizers we used last year. The SG Turf seems to be doing a little better and honestly if it preforms close to what we used last year I will be thrilled as the price is right on the money where we can really make some nice quotes for new clients.

    Anybody else using something that can help avoid fertilizers? I would be interested in trying it out against the SumaGreen Turf. Right now I figure the SG Turf will cost me about 30 cents and application per 1000 sq/ft. Total for the lawn per year is about $1.50 per 1000 sq/ft
  10. Smallaxe

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    That is kind of what I thought,,, but because people don't differentiate between fert and pre-m,,, it difficult to figure out what anybody is really talking about...

    my point is: they are different... :)

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