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new young guy in town


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Attleboro MA
Good afternoon all!! I happy to say that I have finally started my own business me being 24. Been wanting to start it since junior year in high school when I had a small business class. Hopefully I can do well enough so I can get out of the corporate world and be my own boss. Here are the things I have so far. I'm trying to keep my over head extremely low. I don't want to be in debt.

1. An old snowmobile trailer thats all steel. So my best friend and I can weld and customize it to my needs.

2. draw-tite hitch for my Hyundai (yeah I know it will look funny)
3. rakes and shovels edger
4. wheel barrow
5. several push mowers
6. a craftsman tractor (in the works)
7. most important of all several customers

I will be doing spring clean ups, mulching and mowing

Glad to be here,this is a great site


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Kitty Hawk, NC
Sounds like a troll at work here. But if you are for real you will be looking for some commercial grade equipment and a decent tow vehicle soon. That or you will be out of business.


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St. Louis, MO
give the poor guy a break. he's just starting out. some people are not as lucky as we are.:drinkup:


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St. Louis, MO
what i meant by that last post is, some people are not as lucky as we are and can start out with brand new or slightly used equipment.:drinkup:

Team Gopher

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Hi Ken,

Sam Walton once had a tiny little 5 and dime store. Thanks to Sam for never giving up. His company made $256.3 billion last year.


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I started 9 years ago,with a 89 mercury topaz car, which I placed my 22 inch crapsman pushmower in the trunk!! Now I've got a 2001 dodge ram 1500 & a 16ft trailer & a 36 & 48 walk behind, etc. Put your mind to succeeding & you will!! Do the best job you can & the rest will come!!


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Weirton, WV
Hey, what's happenin'? I'm just startin' out in the biz, too. A word of advice: unless you're starting out with a Toro Z590 and a 2004 Ford F-750, some people here will think you're a scrub, will do shoddy work, and are trying to gather "trade secrets".