New Z with 27 hp Kohler (Engine maintenance)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by seb442, May 26, 2004.

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    1. My Kohler owners manual shows the oil filter as Part # 12 050 01-S. My dealer gave me a filter with Part # 52 050 02-S. CODE 334 Is this the correct oil filter?

    2. My mower owners manual says to change the original engine oil after the first five hours of operation. I do not see where it says this in the Kohler Owners manual. What does Kohler recommend?

    3. I am a little confused about the engine oil. Is it OK or better to run a synthetic 10-30 oil or does Kohler recommend a regular 10-30 oil?

    4. The Kohler owners manual says to use unleaded gas 87 octane or higher. The mower manual says not to run a premium gas. What octane range does Kohler recommend?
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    To whom it may concern and or FYI:

    Since I did not get any response or opinions on the above post I e-mailed Kohler and have posted their reply (received in less than 24 hours) to the same questions.


    Thank you for contacting the Kohler Company regarding technical information.

    The filters are interchangeable. The difference between the two is the length and the available filter capacity mainly dictated by available filter space.

    The first five hour "break-in" oil change is no longer required with today's new OHV engines. The 5 hour oil change was originally requested by almost all engine manufactures of years back when the engines were built with the "L-Head" design. You can change oil after a 5 hour run time, but it is no longer required.

    Using synthetic oil in your engine does offer a few benefits. The oil viscosity is not affected by the heat the engine produces, and will retain the consistency longer. It also has better lubrication quality and will hold up longer than standard oils. There are only two concerns with the use of synthetic oils. Number one, make sure you have at least fifty hours of running time on the engine so the piston rings can break-in properly. If rings are not allowed to break-in properly you will have a noisy engine which will have a tendency to smoke and use oil. The other is to make sure you follow the same oil change intervals as when you use the standard oils. Also make sure you use 10W30 oil.

    With regards to your question on fuels, Kohler recommends fuel with a rating of 87 octane or higher as well. Premium fuel is not really recommended nor is it required.

    Your local Kohler dealer can provide you with Kohler parts and parts information. To locate your most local Kohler dealer simply log onto

    We also provide free access to our Service Manuals on-line at

    I trust that you will find the above information helpful.
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    I have used Mobil1 10w30 in my kohler 23hp since the 5 hour change. No smoking, quiet, and at 25 hours no consumption.
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    My Bobcat Hydro manual says no to Super Unleaded. I am using the middle grade unleaded and mower engine does soound better.
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    I think maybe seb442 is out of the lawn biz since he hasn't posted in 3 years and this thread is 5 yrs. old. Some good info anyway. :) BTW I never buy Kohler filters, I always get them from Fram!

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