New ZD18 not cutting well

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Stinger44, Jul 15, 2005.

  1. Stinger44

    Stinger44 LawnSite Member
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    Hi folks:

    I have a new ZD18F with the 54" deck and my cut doesn't seem to be very efficient. I do a couple of passes and I notice a strip of grass blades weren't cut. I've read some other posts in here about Kubota's stamped decks but this just doesn't seem right. It's especially bad when I'm mowing sideways on a hill. I take it the deck isn't designed to more or less float over the terrain? I think I have my anti-scalp wheels set correctly but not sure.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. :help:
  2. LwnmwrMan22

    LwnmwrMan22 LawnSite Platinum Member
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    1. Where is the strip of grass being left?

    2. Do you have your anti-scalp wheels 3/4" off the ground on a flat surface?

    3. Answer #1 first and more ?'s can be answered.
  3. Stinger44

    Stinger44 LawnSite Member
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    Not sure where the strip is being left. I'll have to pay closer attention. It's definitely more pronounced when cutting sideways on hills. But does it on flat ground too. I have to add that my lawn is brand new (was a farm hay field) and is a little bumpy. That's why I was wondering about the 54" deck's ability to more or less float up and down to compensate.

    I'll get back to you on the strip and the height of the anti-scalp wheels. thanks
  4. iluvscag

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    I've have been noticing this with alot of Kubota's lately.
  5. specialtylc

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    My Kubota ZD cuts just fine,as good as Hustler,Exmark,Grasshopper.
  6. Grass Man

    Grass Man LawnSite Senior Member
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    .... I suspect strongly that your anti-scalp wheels are NOT set properly. At YOUR cut setting the wheels should be no more than 3/4" off the ground, flat level ground, front and back anti-scalp wheels :).

  7. Stinger44

    Stinger44 LawnSite Member
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    Considering how much I paid for mine, that's not what I want to hear. Can you be more specific on why you feel this way or where you got that info? I'm really really hoping fixing this problem is as simple as an adjustment to the deck or something.
  8. Stinger44

    Stinger44 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks, I'll definitely look at my wheels.
  9. DEEJ

    DEEJ LawnSite Member
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    Stinger 44,

    One thing you mentioned caught my attention - that your lawn is new.

    I have found that mowers (my Bobcat, Lazers etc), don't get every blade of grass when the lawn is very thin. A thick(er) lawn and everything cuts really nice. It seems to me that when the grass is thin the mower pushes some over without cutting it. When the grass is thick, the multitude of grass blades help hold each other up and allow the mower blades to get them.

    Could the new lawn be all or part of the problem?

  10. LightningLawns

    LightningLawns LawnSite Senior Member
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    Keep us updated on what you find out stinger

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