New ztr buyer,is dixon grizzly bad choice??opposed to gravely??

Discussion in 'Tractors' started by dilts24, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. dilts24

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    I have been interested in a 52 inch gravely 2005 for a month or so now,but that is 6400 dollars and I can get a dixon grizzly 60 inch deck with a 23 horse kohler for 5500,that sounds like the much better deal but I dont know if I like the looks of the dixon as well as the gravely,will the 60 inch deck be underpowered with the 23 horse kohler on it??do they really go 10 miles per hour like the gravelys,Im starting my own business this year and I would like some help before I buy a mower,do the dixon mowers have the bigger pumps like the ones under the seat of the gravely??how do they drive compared to each other,these are all things I need to know before I buy the dixon,thanks much,Denny
  2. Shane@Gautreaux's LNG

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    Just do a little research! The specs for both machines can be found online. Heck go to the Dixon dealer and look under the seat at the pumps!!

    Wanna be impressed, check out a Hustler while you're out!
  3. Travis Followell

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    Out of the 2 mowers you listed i'd go with the Dixon. Its a better deal. The 23 hp should be fine for that size deck most of the time. if you get in to some tall wet grass you may have to slow down a little but for the most part it would be fine. We have a mower with a 20 hp on a 60" deck and we get by with it in tall grass. The gravely is also a good mower. Just demo both of them and get the one that best fits your needs.
  4. wally world III

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    i've owned gravely for 16 years..........before that ariens.....

    gravely pm 260z, 60" .......... works well even if it wet...............

    last year i purchased 2- gravely pm 260z, 60"cut, diesels
    2 wks ago i purchased 1- gravely pm 260z, 60" cut, gas ~~ 27 hp

    plus, i purchased at 220 acre farm, 30 acres needed to be cut
    approx: 24" tall, diesels went thru it like butter....................

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