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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by jmartin, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. jmartin

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    I know this question has been asked thousands of times on here, but I'm stuck on what kind of ZTR to buy.

    Everyone says that dealer service is the biggest thing to consider. That being said, the closest dealer to me is about 5 miles away, but all they sell are Husqvarna and Snapper. I've looked at what they have and they look like good machines.

    I have a JDeere dealer within 20 miles that also sells Toro and Exmark. The closest Hustler is about 25-30 mi. away. I tend to lean toward a Deere because I've used one of their higher end lawn tractors for a few years and really like the quality, plus my father-in-law only uses Deere for his farm machinery and swears by them. After Deere I'm considering Toro or Exmark.

    I probably will be spending between 5-9K, depending on what machine I decide on. I will need something to fit on my 5x10 trailer and I mostly mow semi flat terrain, not many hills or slopes at all, mostly larger areas. 1+ acres or more. I'd appreciate any advice you experts here can give me!
  2. 2 clowns mowing

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    i vote john deere with extented warranty. you can get 4 years warranty with it. they mow great and won't tear up ground as much turning.
  3. Albery's Lawn & Tractor

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    Husqvarna. Look on ebay and you can get them brand new w/ warranty for $7,000 and less. Deere's in my opinion are too expensive.
  4. Snyderserv5060

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    My vote would be Exmark hence why I have a few of them. Maybe im just partial to them but hey you asked for opinions. Plus when it comes time for parts your going to want to consider machines that were mass produced and thus parts will be more readily available and in some cases cheaper. For me, the local place can get exmark parts dropped off a few times a week so in the case a machine breaks down parts can be gotten reasonably fast.
  5. Lawn Enforcer

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    If you were in Minnesota, or the Upper Midwest, I would direct you to Jazzer Terra-Pro 51" by B&H Manufacturing in Jackson, MN. I've had 2 opportunites to try one, and they are built solid, like a tank. (B&H also makes Schweiss mowers) They are a pretty good price at about $5,100-$6,000 w/ a Honda 20 horse. Well thought about by some good engineers. All the "hey, you know what the mower companies need to improve on" thoughts are put into that mower. The only thing I would see wrong with it is that it is hard to fill the gas tank with a regular can because it is mounted under the seat. They have a few dealers in Iowa and Minnesota I think, but they are so simple to work on that I think a novice mechanic could make the repairs.
  6. Uranus

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    To me the option seems obvious. Go to the JDeere dealer and see what they can offer you for the top model of each line they carry. Ask if you can ride one of each and maybe demo. Don't let $ be the ultimate factor. A couple grand more for a machine you like is only $40-$60 more a month if you finance the whole price. Toro and Exmark are good machines. Never been on a Deere but heard good things from deere owners. BTW I own 3 exmarks.
  7. Snyderserv5060

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    My neighbor had a JD ZTR he was very happy with, I cant say much about it as I never really used it. He was nice enough to offer it if I ever got in a pinch. It seemed to cut nice when I looked at his lawn, however his cutting abilities were :laugh: yea, nevermind that.
    The JS he had used a nice Kawasaki motor and it seemed to be quite smooth and quiet. As said above go test drive them and see what you, yourself like and feel comfortable on.

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