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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tacoma200, Mar 25, 2007.

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    How much time do you spend and just how do you go about training a new employee to operate a ZTR safely and professionally. I can handle all my accounts solo right now but it is possible that I may need to train a helper if business pics up. Lots of things I take for granted that the new guy might find out the hard way and I don't need any insurance claims, etc. Things such as walking the property off and checking for obstacles, mowing patterns, mowing around vehicles and people (which I try never to do on the vehicles and never around humans). I'm sure some of you have trained others with mixed results. What worked for you?

    Case in point, a young boy fascinated by my mower wanted to ride his bike close to the lawn I was working on. After talking to him and explaining how dangerous it was (to no avail) I had to ask his parent to help me out as nicely as I could or I would have to stop.

    And of course teaching them to take care of equipment which from the LCO's I see around here may be impossible. Some of the hired help are very recless when the boss is away. Also, I had a friend get hit with a fist size rock last year in the face from a Lazer his son was running. Broke jaw, but lucky. Also if that had been a customer or other person!! If I do ever hire any help I think I will keep them in areas that are relatively safe with the ZTR and theres always trimming and blowing that can be done.
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    You may need to train him on a larger spot if you have it.
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    I always have the new guys try the ZTR's on my own lawn, in an open area. I will actually show them how to tear and not tear the grass when they are turning. This training has helped out a lot. I walk around with them for a little bit until they get the hang of it.
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    Here's an idea that I stick to for a while at least. I just have the new employee ONLY mow with a bagger ztr for awhile until he gets the hang of it. - Kinda cuts down on the chances of zing-ing a rock etc for some time until they become more experienced and I feel comfortable.... just an idea for you. Best of Luck in the up-coming 2007 Season!!!:usflag: :waving:
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    how would they know if a rock would have zinged out the mower unless they hear it beating through the bagger??? i typically try to train at my house for a few minutes then only let them do easy open no hazzards/obsticle lawns until they get the hang of it. even then it take them quite a while to make the strips straight.

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