New ZTR!

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by ryan41, Feb 15, 2013.

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    The 460 has the air seat, rubber isolated seat platform, rubber isolated foot platform, rubber isolated engine platform, its wider and has a lower center of gravity. Also the 460 has the dial adjust deck height. The 400 series is really a completely different mower than the 200 series. But both are awesome!
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  2. skorum03

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  3. ryan41

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    Thanks guys! Can't wait to use it. Do any of you guys run mower with a 60" deck? I have a 76"x12' trailer. I'm wondering if i should get a bigger trailer? My dealer said i will have 6-8" to spare with the new ZTR on. Let me know what you guys think?
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    Ryan you mind saying what you paid for it?
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    Nice mower man!!! and you shouldnt have any problems with the trailer. You may bang the sides once or twice while you are getting the hang of it but after that youll be a pro.
  6. ryan41

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    I bought it for 7,500. never used as a demo unit just sat on the show room floor. I got it for 0% for 50 months. I also put down 1,500 so my monthly payments will be like $130.00
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    Here is my Scag 61" TT on my trailer. Same width as yours. Plenty of room.

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    nice looking mower
  9. ryan41

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    Thanks for posting that photo! Your Scag looks good as well. I brought the mower home today!! I have driven a few different ZTRS before (Ferris & Bobcat). By far this Gravely is the most comfortable and had the best handling. I have never tried a Scag but i know they are like #1 in the industry.
  10. ryan41

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