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  1. Lynn's Lawn Care

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    I have been looking around for a new ZTR. If anyone could provide any suggestions I would appreciate it. I demoed a hustler mini Z and I am also looking at a Scag Tiger Cub. I hear alot of you using Exmark Lazers. Price is close on all of these mowers so quality is the main factor.
    Thanks for any input
  2. battags

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    A lot of guys on this site may try to rip me apart for saying this, but consider a Bob-Cat.

    I've used Scag, Hustlers, Walkers, Toros, and Exmarks. I think the Bob-Cat's are just as good as them all. Quality construction, reliable, and your not paying for just the name as in some other cases. Bob-Cat's parent company, Textron, has vast experience in turf care for years. In fact, as far as quality machines go, I think Bob-cat is under-rated industry wide.

    Ultimately, it's going to come down to what you want and need in a machine. Also it will depend on dealer support in your area for any brand you choose. Check them all out, do some homework on your own, check the search function of this site, and base your decisions on that.

    Chevy vs. Ford, Coke vs. Pepsi, Exmark vs. Scag, Smith & Wesson vs. Heckler & Koch, etc. People will find the ones they like and defend them till the day they die. It's all determined by your taste....
  3. battags

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    P.S. Haven't tried a Gravely yet, so no comment on those.....
  4. Live4Mowin'

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    hey battags, what's bobcat's website? i went to and got those construction working ones.
  5. Live4Mowin'

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    nevermind i found it:)
  6. bayfish

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    I've been very impressed with the Hustler Z. I've had it about 3 weeks and it does a great job. Very well built and has short wheel base. It is excellent on hills. It holds about 12 gallons of gas so you can run a while between fillups. They also have a Super Z. Other than being faster, I don't think their is much difference. Mine came equipted with the 24 hp Honda. Very smooth running engine. Deck is 5.5 inches deep and gives a good cut with highlift blades. Blows grass out about 8 feet with guard up. This is the first ZTR I have owned, always used Toro front mounts. The trim ability is better with the front mount, but the ZTR is much quicker. I have used the Toro ZTR that my brother-in-law has and the Hustler is made better. Try to demo as many as possible.
  7. Lynn's Lawn Care

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    I looked at the Bobcat but service isa problem in my area not many people selling them. I Demoed a hustler mini Z seemed to be a nice mower well built. I also demoed a Scag today, seemed to be a little bit more comfortable to ride but the cutting ability seemed close. Was not on well manicured grass so I am not sure how the stripping was. I am looking at an Exmark next week hopefully it will prove to be equally impressive.

    This is my first oppertunity to use a ZTR so far I am impressed and wonder how I have survived this long with out one. One of my biggest concerns was hills. I am not sure if it was lack of experience on this machine or the machine itself. Could someone please tell me about cutting on slopes. I started off an incline and before I could staighten out I was headed for the woods and could not steer out of it. What a ride. Ditch banks were the other problem I had, it felt unstable going side to side but was not enough room to go up and down. Is this beyond the limitations of these machines or is there a trick that I have not seen.Thanks for any input. Hopefully I will make my decision in the next couple of weeks I am ready to quite walking as much.
  8. awm

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    did u compare same size scag and hustler. dont own either but the smoothest controls ive seen were hustler ,when i demoed one.
  9. crazygator

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    One of your comments was exactly why I chose the Exmark Lazer HP 52" machine, and that is hills, slopes, or ditch banks. It has taken some time to get used to the very well balance of this machine. I have had this machine in some places that I would never take another brand that I had owned.

    Best tip for you is demo each and every machine on your properties. Then and only then you will see which one you like best and which one performs best under your conditions!
  10. imalandscper

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    Just bought the 52" and I love it. Holds hills like a dream and cuts beautifully. I found my color.


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