NEWB in the BIZ!!! accounts? commercial mowers? ect

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Black_Ranger, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. Black_Ranger

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    Pardon my ignorance to the biz, but what is classified as a ACCOUNT? Should a newb like myself purchase a commercial mower when its likely i will be mowing home lawns instead of large building yards? Does anyone know the going rate of commercial mowers and how much experience should one know before setting out a real company.
  2. 2menandamower

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    There are many different prices out there and there are many different OPINIONS as to which mower is the best. They can range in price from 3000.00 for a walk behind to 12,000 for a desiel ZTR. You can look on Ebay too and get an idea of prices. If you have a dealer you can go there and look but one thing you need to be careful of is that if you buy a mower then you need lawns to mow and if have lawns to mow then you will need a mower. It is a catch 22 situation. Don't go out and buy a big 72" cut ZTR for mowing residential lawns. You will find all kinds of info on this site just do a search for whatever it is that you are looking for. Good Luck and feel free to email me anytime with questions.

  3. daveintoledo

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    Hi, seems like you have very little experience, you should go work for another established company for a couple of years until you get older...
  4. mcwlandscaping

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    I would do what he said, but you could also pick up a 21" mower trimmer and hand blower pretty cheap and maybe get a few mowing clients on your own on the side. Just a suggestion. In your position i wouldn't go out and go for any commercial or any big or upscale residential lot.
  5. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    A commercial mower is not necessarily for commercial properties, it is for a commercial lawn care operator (lco). The difference between a residenital mower and commercial mower is MAJOR!!! Unless you only plan on mowing 2-3 residential lawns per week then you would eventually need a commercial mower. They will hold up for 2-4000 hours, to where as some of the residential mowers are only intended for 3-400 hours (and that is a lot). Not to mention the quality of the cut and the way it is built is far superior. My advise would be to find someone to work part time with for at least a year if not two. I see you are 16 years old so I am sure you could find someone that you could work around your hours and on Saturdays.

    Like said above, you can pick up a commercial mower (walk behind) for about 2 grand new, (the cheapest belt drive) to above 15 grand for a large mid mount zero turn. (my ferris with a Caterpillar diesel was msrp for 13,500, and the step up from that one was 15,000, and the msrp on my walker with the efi engine, was 12,500)

    Good luck
  6. officeguy

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    I think the question regardless of what type or how much it costs is this: Can you write a business plan that allows you to make $ after accounting for all business costs with the piece of equipment?
  7. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    Also to answer another of your questions, What is an account?

    Well to give an example is that I only have 8 accounts. All commercial though and is close to a 100 yards to mow. 1 account is 54 homes. So when I say I only have 8 accounts it doesn't sound like much. I bill 8 bills a month instead of 100, I like it this way.
  8. the ace

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    You may want to get a good 21, blower, trimmer and edger and get a few small accounts to test the water so to speak. Worse case if it doesn't work out you have some equipment that will last a home owner a life time.
  9. drsogr

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    What is it with business plans? My business plan is in my head. Its constantly evolving. A lot of people believe if you can write a business plan, you can run a business. I can write one, but have had no need to. With or without a business plan your business can succeed, especially at 16.
  10. the ace

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    The one thing I did get out of writing a business plan was it let me see what goals I needed to achieve one baby step at a time. I know the goal is to make a damn nice paycheck but thats the overall picture, so I write a plan which has multiple tiny goals that I know as each one is met I will reach my main goal. I think of it as a large staircase and each step is a small goal that slowly but surely gets met. Some steps are met quickly while some take months upon months. As I accomplish each step I can see that I am closer to my main objective.

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