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    Well I have been in a partnership for the past 6 yrs. We did it all from the mowering to sodding, Spraying ,and landscaping. We even got into installing irrigation systems. In the past month I bought my my partner in the mowing. I know and the solo owner. I bought all the mowing equipment witch includes a 04 Isuzu 18' box truck with a dove tail ramp. A 07 61" grasshopper front deck mower with vacuum and arreator attachment. A 07 48" walker with vacuum.A 61" x-mark mower. 4 shwindawa weed eaters and and 1 stick edger. 2 shindawa big blowers. And all the mowing accounts. He still ahs all the hard scape and weed control. Looking forward to getting going this spring

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    Good luck to ya and welcome to Lawnsite!
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    Welcome to the site...Good luck with your business!
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    thanks guys,looking forward to it.

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