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  1. mch181

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    Hey guys. Next season im starting a lawn buissnes.i will have about 3 acres to mow. i need a new larger mower than my craftsman 21:realmad: !
    i need a walkbehind because i have all hills to mow. i want either a 36inch or 42 inch deck hydro with electric clutch and available sulky. i like the hustler
    walk behinds. can someone recomend some mowers out there? ps i already have trimmers/blowers/cleanup stuff.
  2. mch181

    mch181 LawnSite Member
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    I also have been looking at ferris IS 1500Z. I would like to know the average prices for it. It looks like it will do the job for my customers because it goes 10mph! and it has susspension wich is a must!
  3. mch181

    mch181 LawnSite Member
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    comon guys i need help! i want to get the decision settled!
  4. METRO 36

    METRO 36 LawnSite Senior Member
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    just my opionion but i like exmark my main mower is a metro 36 and it runs great. and the are pretty fair priced.
  5. 026TB4U

    026TB4U LawnSite Member
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    I've seen people paying $5499 on this site. I paid $5599 for mine. That's for the 20hp/48".
  6. goodgreen

    goodgreen LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree with the Ex-Mark assessment. My Metro has provided me with excellent service for the past three years.

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    If you have a lot of hills than stay with the hydro units.
    I use Exmark and Toro products and have good service from them.
    If you have 3 acres to mow I would get a big deck.
    Now about which unit to buy--- I am sure there are a lot of dealers around you. Go out and demo-demo-demo.
    Only you can decide which mower you will like.
    As far as performance, most name brand, commercial units will work well.
    But you have to shop.
  8. daveintoledo

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    as pm said you need to demo mowers, but they are not going to let you leave with a mower at 15...... so you will need to get hellp from an adult

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