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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by chefdrp, Jun 26, 2003.

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    Hi, I am basicly a new guy. I have been doing this for about 5 years. Just mowing. I am a full time chef and love to mow and stripe lawns. I made a stripping kit for my JD 425 rider. Fri am upgradding to a 737 Ztrak. I now have 12 accounts. Want to get more to help pay for the new machine, and since i will be cutting my mowing time in half. Anyway should i actualy go on the books? Isnt it expencive? Please give me some advice. Will my new ztrak stripe without a kit?
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    Please don't take this personally, and it's just my opinion.
    Your question(s) in very convoluted to say the least.
    Ask or state one specific question at a time, think it out before you ask.
    Answers to this specific post could fill many books.

    You have also identified yourself (for anyone at all who may read your post) as an illegal operator. Bad, bad fellow.

    Should you go on the books?
    In a word YES, there are financial advantages as well as costs. Mainly you would be legal.

    Just suggesting that you think some things out before making posts.

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