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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Skeelow, Jul 25, 2006.

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    Next year I will start mowing approx 4 to 5 yards of which include my family. 2 of the yards my grandmothers and sister's are huge 2 to 3 acres. The yard I will be mowing once I build my house will be about 1 1'2 acres.

    question #1 I need a push mower and riding mower. What are some good quality ones?

    Question # 2. I surfed the web some and read some reviews. What about the Honda HRC216PDA push mower? and the Snapper fast cut or 350z series??

    Question# 3 Should I get commercial grade mowers doing 4 to 5 yard a week?

    Being a teacher I have summers off so it this goes well I may look to start a small business with my time off any advice??


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    I believe the answer to #3 depends on your answer to the other statement.
    If you are just doing your family than a "good" homeowner model will do it for you, but if you push it a lot more than that you may need to jump into commercial. I would figure a return on investment spreadsheet to see if it is even worth it. For an extra 5K to jump to the better unit you may have to work 3 years to pay for it ,, Is that worth it.

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