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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by zurfsturfcare, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. zurfsturfcare

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    I know i'll prolly get killed on this one but here it goes. For those of you that use ride on sprayers do you use liquid fert? which fert do you use? I've looked at green flo but at 1.5-4 gal per 1000 sq feet, thats not gonna happen. Is there another brand that u use that is a lower volume? Thanks in advance

    VARMIT COMMISSION LawnSite Senior Member
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    Why ya wanna do that? Granular is cheaper. I use the PG tank for weed control and throw granular fert with the hopper. There designed to do it that way.
  3. FdLLawnMan

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    I am with Varmint on this one. Granular fertilizer with liquid weed control is the best and cheapest of both worlds. If you are going to do liquid fert you need a tank sprayer IMO.
  4. Athletic field

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    yup i have a z spray, throw fert spray for weeds. I would be concerned about overlap with liquid fert. Too much or too little over lap you may leave stripes.
  5. zurfsturfcare

    zurfsturfcare LawnSite Senior Member
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    thanks guys, i planned on doing the granular fert and liquid weed control, just didnt know if liquid was an option if i was only doing a fert app
  6. Jason Rose

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    No, liquid is really not an option.

    IMO, liquid fert was where it was at 25 years ago, but since then granular fert products have far surpassed anything that Liquid could do. With the wide array of slow release options and the uniform prills, granular products feed longer and there's no chance of burning in hot weather (applied at the correct rates of course).
    Granular also comes blended with just about any herbicide or insecticide you could ever need. One pass and 2 jobs done at once.
  7. RAlmaroad

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    My lawns are soft sandy soil and I've used the ride-on sprayers with a boom. Trouble was that the weight of the tractor, my weight (180) and 25 gallons of liquid made ruts in the soil. When the homeowners mowed with ride-on mowers hitting the same spots as I did with the boom those ruts were even deeper. The both of these prompted me to change my boom to a walking boom with a skid. All liquids produce a very uniform application and lots of control around shrubs where the motorized boom just couldn't get. I needed to get a minimum of 2gal/K. The 11008 Teejets do that very well. Of course all applications are watered in immediately after each monthly application. These grasses are centipede and St. Augustine requiring 1/4lb Nitrogen and 1/4lb Potassium Nitrate with Essentials Plus and Micro-Nutrients in FEature. Begining in Juneto September with higher humidity and temps in SC, the fungicides come out with higher pressure down to the soil. These are rotated every month with Eagle+ Clearys and Ensignia + Mancozeb. Granulars can't do that!
    For warm season turf with soft soil all liquid has proven to be superior to any granular application that I have used. Fescue and Bluegrass will tolerate many more components than Centipede or St. Augustine. Centipede is so picky that if it's name is said wrong--It dies. I've posted some photos somewhere here with an all liquid program. Also, My program is a 12-month program including soil tests and sulfur if needed.

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