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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GStover, Jan 23, 2006.

  1. GStover

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    Just wanted to first say hello to everyone, and mention that this is a great site...I've learned alot reading through the many experienced member's posts on this site...and I'm still reading after several months, LOL.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello, and mention that Professional Power Equipment in OKC is having a sale the weekend of February 17-18th. I was told that most of the dealers will be there offering discounts (and free food as well :)), and the owner of the business will match the discount. I plan on buying a couple of Tanaka's and the Wright Velke 32" for my gated yards...I think around $2600, depending on the dealer discount.

    Anyway, great site, and many knowledgable people....again, I've learned a great deal from this site, and hope to learn more in the future.

    Thanks to all the people who contribute to this site....:waving:waving:
  2. AL Inc

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    Welcome to the site, GStover. My wife and I were just in OKC back in December, I bought a car from a guy in Ponca City. It was only a few days but it was a nice little getaway Good barbeque!
  3. lonnie

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    Welcome, I work in OKC also. Try calling Smith Farm & Garden and see if they will give you a price on their mowers for there sale in March. You might be able to get the ferris cheaper since they both sell them.
  4. GStover

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    Thanks for the welcome, AL Inc...and Lonnie, I'll check with Smith Farm & Garden for prices as well. The dealer I mentioned in my post apparently has a great service least that's what I've been told. In fact, when I was there the other day one of their mechanics spent about 30 minutes out front with me helping me compare WB's, as well as a couple of new trimmers I plan on buying. I was definitely impressed with how light weight the Tanakas were compared to the heavy junk I've been using.

    I just ordered a Big Tex trailer, and wished I would've did it last year before the price of steel went up...but I've got to have one, and I figured I would go with the best. I checked with several other trailer manufacturers and they seemed over priced for what one would get, or on the junkie side for others...used wheels and tires, and hardly any options. Seems after doing a search on Big Tex here that there were very few, if any, complaints about their product.

    This is only my second season in the business, but I've managed to acquire a little over 30 accounts, some of course are a PITA LOL...too many old folks wanting their grass bagged every mowing, etc. and my son and I hate bagging if you know what I mean.

    Anyway, hopefully I can contribute something here, as well as learn more as I've done in the past with this great site, and it's many knowledgeable posters. Thanks for the welcome, and here's to a profitable and safe season to you both...:drinkup:
  5. Mr.Mow-It-All

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    Welcome GSTOVER. I am moving to Edmond on saturday.

    gstover, I have been trying to find a good dealer through the web that I will be able to establish a repore with and that professional power and equipment looks pretty good, (as far as you can tell on the web). I also noticed the sell in feb. that they are having and will be checking them out on those dates. But I will also have to check out the smith farm and garden.

    I am trying to find a good dealer close to the edmond area.
    I want to find a good dealer for shindaiwa, ferris, and probably hustler or wright (as I will be buying stander or hustler w/b in a month or so)

    Lonnie I didn't forget about your mower, I realy want to look at it, I still haven't decided between a new stander or hustler w/b. I will probably get a hold of you in a couple weeks.
  6. GStover

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    Mr Mow...excellent user name...:p You should do well in "upscale" Edmond, and I wish you luck on your move. Might even see you at the sale in February...anyway, good luck fellow "Okie" :)
  7. lonnie

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    I will be waiting on your call Mr. Mow. The best dealers closest to you would be O'Conners (mostly snapper and Toro and it's the closest to you), Smith Farm (Hustler, Scag, Toro, Snapper, Ferris), Profesional Power Equipment(Toro, Encore, Exmark, Dixie, lots of equipment but if he doesnt carry it, he bad mouths it, he's a know it all). Professional Power Equipment (Ferris, Scag, Toro, nice shop but it's on the southside, that is a long way from you. If you need parts, the best place to go is smith distributing. They are just down the street from smith farm and garden. They are a sister company of professional power and you can find just about any part you need. You cant find them in the phone book though, you have to call profession pwr to get it. (they also sell some equip to.
  8. lonnie

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    gstover, what model trailer did you get (size and type)? What did you pay for it if you dont mind me asking. I saw there site but no prices listed.
  9. GStover

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    Lonnie...I ordered the 30LS with the spare tire, mount, and a tongue jack with wheel to allow easier hook-up to the ball hitch when by myself. I know I'll probably get ragged on for getting a 5x10 trailer, but my son will be pulling it sometimes behind a Nissan truck, and the width of the 6.5 footer worried me behind such a small truck. The 6.5x12 was not that much more, but again, the size behind a small truck was an issue for me.

    As for price, it was high. I checked several other trailer dealers/manufacturers in the area and most seemed over priced for what I could the used tires, wheels, etc worried me, and then they wanted an arm and leg for racks and a lock box which the Big Tex came with. One guy I called in Shawnee basically just steered me away from his trailers after complaing about the price of steel. I checked into that and yes, because of the increase in oil prices, coupled with the fact that China is buying up steel from any where they can get it has made trailers increase in price. I did find a dealer here on the southside that had a 6.5x12 for $1399, but no spare tire, lock box or racks, and no tall sides.

    Anyway, the trailer was $1730 + 120 for the spare and mount and around 40 for the jack...approximately $1900 with everything. I know that's high as heck, but after several calls and checking around, that's what I decided on, and plus the fact that Big Tex has a good reputation for their trailers. My next purchase will be a stander or WB with velke on the 17th of next month. I have a lot of small lawns, and just haven't decided which is best yet.

    Hope this helps out, Lonnie
  10. lonnie

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    GStover, change your profile to accept pm's so I can pm you.

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