Newbie here. Is this a good deal?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Mighty B's, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. grassmonkey0311

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    I say go for it. I'm sure some guys in FL could use some good low hour used equipment.
  2. Mighty B's

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    Oh, because I'm going to get tired and sell it after I use it for a few hours? I get it. Funny....:laugh:

    Is it soooo wrong to start out with new equipment? All I asked was if the price was a good deal. I never asked for anything else. What is soooo wrong with buying good, new equipment? I guess if I want to do spraying and fertilization, I should start out with used sprayers and spreaders, right? :roll eyes:

    Listen , my question was simple. Either answer it, or just don't say anything. If I was asking why I'm not making any money and can barely afford to live after just having bought an $11,000 mower, then you would be in all your right to give advice. Btw, worst case scenario, I have a really nice mower for my less than 1/4 acre lot. :dancing:
  3. PenningsLandscaping

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    I don't know the Orlando market, and I want to know what is the average square foot of turf you're going to be mowing?

    If you're looking to get into the business, awesome, but I really don't think you need a ZTR. You're going to do way better with something like a stander or a ferris evolution if you're not looking to get a walk behind. You ll spend way less money and be just as productive
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  4. Mighty B's

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    Most lots are 1/4 acre. In the area I will be concentrating in, which are my surrounding neighborhoods, the lots are 1/4 acre. Houses range from 3,000 to 5,000 sq/ft on the outside. I will be focusing on these neighborhoods first. I have lived in my house 2 years and NEVER received any type of marketing. No flyers or anything. The only marketing we get is from pest control companies. In the future, I will also offer pest control and fertilization. As I mentioned before, I would like to get into small commercial properties in the future. In my street alone, there are over 10 houses that have LCO and from talking to my neighbors, most aren't even insured let alone licensed. Their prices aren't that much less than what I plan on charging and I am NOT low balling anything.

    Why do you suggest a stander? Wouldn't it be as maneuverable as the ZTR? Either way, if you can't get a 52 ZTR through, a stander wouldn't fit anyways, right?
  5. f50lvr2

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    Sounds like a really good deal to me. Never hurts to haggle some more, try to get them to give you fleet pricing. I just bought a 30" and it was about $1800 OTD with tax so I'd say that's a pretty good deal.

    I'm not 100% sold on the EFI though, I have a Navigator with EFI and I've struggled to see any fuel savings over my Vantage 24hp Kawasaki carbureted.

    I might also suggest looking at a stand-on or walk-behind for that size of property. You'd be surprised the places they can get to compared to a sit-down ZTR and over the course of a day are less tiring in my experience. The downside being if you bag a lot of grass the side bagger systems can be a pain.

    My biggest regret when I started was not jumping in with both feet and getting the best equipment. I eased into it year by year but would have been better off buying the best equipment straight away and paying it off over a couple of years. If you have the right work ethic I say go all in!
  6. pdreibels

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    I say do it. If its no hardship on your pockets and you are serious about the business then absolutely do it. I started at 18 on my own and bought a brand new exmark wb...10 years later I still own it, use it on a regular basis, and it has never sat in a shop for repairs, only routine maintenance. The next yr I scored 3 commercial accounts and bought a brand new Lazer Z. New equipment gives you confidence as well as a good image and a sense of pride. Also having to make the payments is good motivation to go out and get the jobs. Again IF YOU ARE SERIOUS about the business you will find the work.

    Sounds like price wise its a decent deal and that combo will allow you to fit just about any lawn. Where the 52 can't go the 30 will.

    Keep us posted! And don't be afraid to pull the trigger!
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  7. Mighty B's

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    Thanks!! I sure will. I will be getting them next week. Now just trying to see if open or closed trailer. I can get a storage unit for $128 a month about 2 miles from my house to store the trailer as in my subdivision it is not allowed. I'm leaning more towards the open trailer as a 6x12 will fit in my garage. I will have to buy the locking storage racks for the trimmers, blowers, and edgers.
  8. pdreibels

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    Both have they're plus' and minus'. One of the main perks of an enclosed is that its a built in storage space/garage. But for you it sounds counterproductive because you would still have to PAY to store it somewhere thereby losing that benefit. You still have the benefit of a rolling billboard should you decide to have it lettered up, and then my personal favorite perk of an enclosed trailer....having a place to take a whiz when necessary!

    All that being said, I started with enclosed for the storage reason. I then switched to open because I now have a shop. I also found that the enclosed trailer didn't hold up well to the abuse of mowers bouncing around inside as well as a well made open trailer. And for me the open trailer is quicker to hop in and out of, grab tools, load up with brush/mulch etc., and gas up mowers.

    But do what you feel fits your needs best and is cost effective now and into the future.
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  9. grassmonkey0311

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    I'm not trying to be a d*ck when I said that, I was serious.

    Every year right before spring we get these types of threads. New guys wanting to start up because they like to mow lawns and think they can make some money. They don't realize there is a lot more to it than they think. Walk begore you run. You say your competition isn't licensed or the customers even care if they are or not? Their prices shouldn't matter, its the price YOU need to charge to make money. So after figuring out your expenses, are you close to their price? Whats your mowing territory like- 1 mile radius? 5 mile radius? Is a 52" deck overkill for the properties you'll be mowing?

    These are only a few questions- no need to answer them to me, but you should know them for yourself. If you don't want to take any advice, thats fine. Just take a look on craigslist if you don't believe me. I'm sure someone is selling allt heir equipment because they bought it all, then realized they couldn't get any customers.

    We all started somewhere. I started with a pushmower in the back of my f150. I used 2x6's as ramps to push it. I couldn't pick it up due to injuries in the Marine Corps. When I got enough accounts, I got a ztr. Isn't there something else you'd rather buy with that money than a lawn mower? For a business that seems to cut throat and dry, I can tell you this, its not.

    Best of luck with whatever you decide.
  10. King_Cooper

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    I say if you want to go for it go for it. But start smaller. If I were you I would start with a used 48" walk behind and a decent 20". Will save you a ton of money, and the less you spend the faster you turn a profit. I have heard that there is a lot of competition and in FL.
    In my opinion if your lawns are less than a 1/2 acre you should get a stander over a zero turn.
    Last season was my first season and the only new equipment I bought were my handhelds. I started with a used 52" bunton walk behind (35 years old and still in good shape) and eventually added a 36" Bobcat (used, got it for $300 with the bagger). The bobcat wasn't running but it started right up with a new spark plug and fuel filter.

    Its deals like those you should be looking for.
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