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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by The Intimidator, Jan 12, 2007.

  1. The Intimidator

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    hey fellas I am looking for some advice on trimmers right now I have a older fs-85 that is going to need from 150-200$ worth of parts now I know what you guy's are thinking go and buy a new one the problem is the 80-85 series stihl trimmers are still selling from between 450-500$ up here. I have been considering buying a new trimmer though and would like you're guys thoughts on the subject.

    option one is I can fix my old trimmer up and see if it last's me threw the season. cost to me between 150-200$

    option two Buy a new stihl fs-85 I have got one quote for 420$+ tax I figure I can get it for 440$ out the door cost to me around 450$ plus I will have a parts trimmer here with alot of good parts still on it

    option number three is buy one of the honda trimmers hht25sltc is the model number It has the 25cc 4 stroke engine straight shaft and I can pick it up for 380$ I retails at 490$ but I get it at cost.

    My dealer says the honda is pretty good and she has not had many Major issues with them besides guy's tearing them up bye running the crap out of them and not servicing them. I keep excellent care of my equipment as It is far to valuable to tear up. I am really stuck on what to do here lol any suggestions for me I would really like to stick with one of these two trimmers as I have not heard of most of the other's you guy's run I associate echo with crap as everything I have seen with the name on it has lead to a quick death it was not pro grade stuff but it still leaves the image in you're mind. The other's you guy's will likely recommend I have never heard of or seen I get great service at my stihl/honda dealer and I would rather keep my business their because I know after the fact I will have quick friendly service should something come up thanks Dave in Ontario

    edit.... seems I should have posted this in the general section below or in the equipment forum if this is a problem could some won please move it thanks Dave
  2. Grits

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    from Florida
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    What about the Stihl FS90R for $300 ? (U.S. dollars)
  3. ed2hess

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    You are wrong about need to learn to repair these trimmers it is NOT hard. In particular Echo is very very easy to work on and most of the parts are cheap. The Stihl is a good unit what is wrong with the one you have?
  4. The Intimidator

    The Intimidator LawnSite Member
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    here is a linky to the problems I am having with the stihl I consider myself pretty good with repairing these things I have spent a summer working on outboards did a co-op with my mechanic working on everything from lil British cars to civics up to 1 ton trucks. I have alot of knowledge working with engines and their components and I am comfortable tearing into one to repair it.

    I agree though that all the echo products that I have used witnessed being used or have try'd to repair were the consumer crap. I have honestly never seen one running for more then a month with out having some sort of trouble while I am sure the pro models are built alot better seeing all the broken and poor performing echo consumer grade products makes me feel like I cant trust the company and the fact they produce this crap for the masses really makes me want to spend my money on a company that makes a reliable product across it's product range, from lil electric trimmers to home owner grade gassers to the pro grade model that will serve you day after day

    I don't think the fs90 is available in canada I think we jump from the fs80/85 to the 4-mix 110 and up I know we have the fs55 but I hear that is not the best trimmer out there although I will rarely use a brush blade and most of my trimming is light duty thanks
  5. metro36

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    You are very wrong about echo. I have an echo trimmer that is over 7 years old and runs perfect.I have only done minor repairs on it. Echo equipment is pro grade. There stuff is very tough and can take a beating or two.
  6. Potchkins

    Potchkins LawnSite Senior Member
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    get another Sthil, weather it be a:
    FS 80R you can reuse the solid shaft from your fs85
    or a FS 110R

    SILVERSTREAK INC LawnSite Senior Member
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    echo ms260's all the way....plenty of power, really light and super easy to fix and maintain. Brickman uses all of them and manage to get 3 years out of them before retireing....and figure each one is being used 8 solid hours a day 6 days a week 7 months out of the year....figure it out and thats 4000 hours of use!! and 90% still run fine when they are retired, i know because i lots of times, buy the retired ech weedwackers and pb650 blowers... i tried sthil for awhile they sound like dirtbikes haha but the only downside is they are heavy....very good machine though, and if you do have a sthil already its good to be able to swap parts later like the last poster said. i stick with echo for weedwackers and blowers but for my saws its sthil definately. by far the best saw out there and ive owned them 20 years now since the o34 style came out.
  8. out4now

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    I like Echos, Sthil makes great saws but when it comes to trimmers I always preferred the Echos. Having a parts trimmer sounds like a good idea though. If you've had good luck with Sthil then why change. Its really a lot of personal preference like Ford or Chevy etc. Most top name equipment is pretty good today.
  9. ed2hess

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    If you had bought an Echo instead of the Stihl you would definitely not have had the the unit torn all apart like you show in your picture. An echo problem can be easily determined and repaired. And you continue to be wrong about both the commericial and the customer level Echo units they are pretty darn solid units. Go buy another Stihl....maybe a 4mix it will be a lot easier to work on-NOT.
  10. The Intimidator

    The Intimidator LawnSite Member
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    wow what hostility :laugh:

    I have acquired that trimmer used right now I have no money in it and about two hours of my time. The only reason I have it torn apart is to check the condition of the internals, so I could see if it would be worth spending mony on.

    I believe the deere dealer sells echo I could go check and see what they have to offer. what are you're guy's opinion on the honda vs the stihl I have searched all over but I can't find many users who have used them and have reviewed them? the other reason why I picked those two trimmers was #1 my dealer is awsome and the service section is top notch, and I can get a great deal on both of those trimmers. I dont really care for the 4-mix engine It seems as if it is more complicated then it needs to be make it a 4 stroke and run straight gas or make it a two stoke and run a mix and dont have any valves why make a two stroke more complicated then it needs to be?

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