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Newbie in N.E. Oklahoma

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by KuntryKuzzin, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. KuntryKuzzin

    KuntryKuzzin LawnSite Member
    Messages: 6

    Here we are near the end of mowing season in N.E. Oklahoma and I decide to start my own one man lawn service. Am I crazy or what?? Here is my story.

    I have a neighbor with a teenage son who has been servicing local lawns for about the past 2 years or so. At the beginning of this summer, his dad went out and bought him a new trailer, Gravely walk behind and a little wonder blower. The agreement between the two was that the son would repay dad with the proceeds from his lawn service.

    Which brings us to the end of the summer and all that dad has to show for his help is a big bank note, while junior has a new high dollar 4wheeler and a lot of expensive bass tournament entry fees, without any winnings to show. Now dad and mom are getting divorced and dad says sell the equipment. That is where I enter the picture.

    By profession, I am a pipeline controller with a global oil and gas company, I work a rotating 12 hour shift, which means that i typically work 14 days a month and the remaining days are time off, fortunately 7 of those days off are consecutive. So I have alot of time off and didn't have much happening on those days, which brings me to my decision to start servicing lawns. Here is what I purchased to get started:

    5 x 10 trailer w/fold down gate
    Gravely Pro 1336G walk behind (80 Hrs)
    Little Wonder Blower
    $2600.00 (Purchased from Dad)

    New Equipment:
    Shin. T230X string trimmer
    Shin. LE231 Edger
    Stihl BR420C BP Blower
    Gear Caddy
    Misc. rakes, brooms, locks and so on.

    Now that I have the equipment, it's time to get started! In the last few weeks i have picked up 2 yards and a landscape cleanup/remodel that could possibly take me through the winter months. So far I've gone to every real estate office in town and handed out biz cards and fliers as well as hoofing it through some of the older more established neighborhoods (areas with mature trees) and handing out about another 200 fliers.

    This is where you guys come in!! I just happened to stumble across this web site, and have read many of the posts in the "Just Starting" category. I would like any positive and encourageing advice that any of you would be willing to offer, in regards to acquiring and keeping accounts, should I expect payment when services are rendered or should I invoice and bill on a monthly basis, what type of insurance do I need and so on.

    Also keep in mind that this will be a part-time, one man operation, I don't intend to try and compete with the larger LCO's in my area or offer a lot the up sell services, but I do hope to make this a profitable endeavor.

    Thanks In Advance!

    Glen Gary
    L & L
    Lawn Service.
  2. Team Gopher

    Team Gopher LawnSite Platinum Member
    from -
    Messages: 4,040

    Hi KuntryKuzzin,

    Welcome! I think this is a great post to read. It will get your mind thinking new ideas.

    Also as you come up with new questions, use the search button at the top of the screen. A lot of great information here.

    Marketing flops
  3. Adam Leding

    Adam Leding LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    up here in tulsa if you ever need to ask any questions or you need help. holler at me.

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