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This is a little embarassing to admit but I was very new to the business when this happened-Lady needed me to repair her yard where the plumber had replaced her drain line-Wasn't sure of the type of grass-Cut out appr 1sq ft of it and immediately took it to the cheap sod supplier-He said it was Centipede-Got it to the site and called him to advise it really didn't look like the rest of the grass-He said that was because it was from a different area and it would blend in just fine-Then I put dn a full pallet of centipede in the middle of a St. Aug yard-Well, I watched it like a hawk and soon was convinced I'd really screwed up, Took a sample of both to a reputable sod supplier (SuperSod) and they set me straight-Then I went by original supplier and showed hiom both pieces and he apologized and advised the guy I originally talked with was still in training and they gave me another 1 1/2 pallets for free. I've since made a few intelligent decisions but I won't ever forget that lesson and that has been one very loyal customer despite this debacle. I won't ever go the original sod supplier again because he doesn't take his job too seriously nor does he have enough respect for me to just admit he doesn't know. I just thought I'd post this to help you guy's realize that mistakes are going to happen (hopefully not as bad as this one)


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ouch :eek: ................

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