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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by camalusu, Sep 11, 2013.

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    I own a few commercial properties and bought what I think is a pretty good pump and motor. We used it yesterday and it worked pretty well. I spent quite a bit of time mixing a 200 gallon tank that had about 100 gallons of material left over from about two months ago from the guy I bought it of. When it got the last 30 gallons or so I noticed that the remaining material was clumpy. I was wondering if I should remove this before I get more material or will this mix into the new material if I spend some time on it. I am getting the same material as the previous owner. I know that is should be diluted 1/3 water to 2/3 material (at least this is what I was told). Any help greatly appreciated.
  2. viper881

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    Are you circulating it while your spraying? Have you added sand or a additive? Even raw sealer not mixed will be clumpy at the bottom if you dont circulate your material. The clays and other stuff in the sealcoat slowly separate as it sits.
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    What type of material and how are you mixing it?
  4. camalusu

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    That's what is crazy. There is only one company in Pittsburgh that I can find that sells sealer by the gallon in bulk. They call is commercial asphalt sealer. I originally mixed it by hand with a garden hoe, then the pump I bought recirculates it back through the pipe that is inserted down into the 200 gallon tank. As mentioned it worked great until I got to towards the bottom of the tank. Now there is what looks like large clumps of tar on the bottom. I am wondering if I should clean these out of tank and start fresh for next job, or leave them in and try to mix it my hand better. I guess I need to know if these clumps will dissolve back into useable product if I mix it well enough. I know the product I am using is water soluble. Thanks for your responses.
  5. camalusu

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    I decided to clean out the tank today and start with all new material, to my surprise a lot of the clumps turned to liquid again. I added a little water and stirred it up with a scraper then did a half decent amount of an area of another car wash I own. Thanks for all your help.

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